10 of the best Luxiem moments so far

Nijisanji EN’s fourth wave Luxiem — an all-male wave, in contrast to the three previous all-female lineups — has been on the scene for less than a month, having debuted shortly before Christmas, but the five members of the group are already beloved by VTuber fans.

Part of this is the fact that, being male VTubers, they have a very different kind of “feel” to the often chaotic energy brought about by many female VTubers. But that doesn’t mean that they’re immune to doing silly, entertaining, embarrassing and downright hilarious things. And, as always, the clippers have been ready and waiting to capture all of these special Luxiem moments in convenient, bite-sized chunks — so let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the best we’ve seen so far!

Vox Akuma doesn’t realise he’s live

We’ve all been there. You’re waiting for something to happen, you’re getting tired of waiting, you have some delicious chicken strips on hand that are just begging to be munched on. So, working on the assumption that you probably still have a few minutes to spare, you get to work on them, quietly going “mm” to yourself, secure in the belief that no-one is listening.

Unfortunately, when Vox Akuma, the “voice demon”, did this, he hadn’t noticed that he’d hit the button to go live, and as such everyone was treated to a brief impromptu chicken-eating ASMR stream prior to the main event starting. And the “embarrassed grandpa” noises that followed his realisation made it all worthwhile.

Luca Kaneshiro gives us an “ara ara”

Everyone has a party trick, and big booba mafia boss Luca Kaneshiro’s is putting on possibly the most convincing female voice you will ever hear coming from a gentleman’s mouth. Naturally, given the knowledge of this ability, there is only one possible thing that the chat would want to hear from him.

Yes, of course, it’s that mainstay of the onee-san, the “ara ara”. And if Luca’s rendition of it doesn’t leave you feeling a little weak at the knees and confused about quite a few things, you are a stronger man than I.

Luca and Vox explain how men pee, Reimu is very uncomfortable

Sometimes, one simple Super Chat can trigger one hell of a conversation, and a query about Luca’s hand-washing habits prompted this incredible exchange between Luca Kaneshiro, Vox Akuma and Reimu Endou from Ethyria.

Vox and Luca take the time to explain the mechanics of how gentlemen evacuate their bladder — including Luca’s uncanny ability to “guerrilla aim” — while Reimu extolls the virtues of bidets, which are apparently a lot more common in certain parts of the world than others.

Nina makes it filthy

Luxiem’s resident detective Mysta Rias has a party trick, too, which is making a noise that no-one quite understands. He attributes it to “fingering his lips”, and, inevitably, such a phrase leads to deliberate and wilful misunderstandings.

One might not expect Nijisanji EN’s wholesome mom Nina Kosaka to be the one to come out with such filth given her generally warm and kind energy — but something about these boys brings out the absolute worst in her, and it’s an absolute delight every time it happens.

The longest eyy

Shu Yamino’s debut was filled with Fonzie-style “eyys”, so naturally everyone was curious to see exactly how long he could hold an “eyy” for. The results surprised everyone — though Mysta and Luca had a good shot at the challenge, too.

Once again, you’ll notice that Nina Kosaka is at the heart of this mischief. She has some excellent chemistry with the Luxiem boys, so any collab involving them is well worth your time to watch.

The art of wigglecore

The voice-activated game One Hand Clapping is a popular choice among VTubers, and Shu brought his own distinct vibe to the game with his “wigglecore” stylings. After hearing how pleasant the initial sequence sounded with his warblings harmonising nicely, chat naturally wanted to hear more.

Wigglecore cover album when?

Mysta would if you ask him

Mysta Rias has rapidly established himself as the king of awkward situations, and thus it likely won’t surprise anyone to hear that he was left alone in a hot tub with a friend’s girlfriend and wasn’t quite sure how to handle the situation.

He does, however, have some interesting beliefs on the subject of cucking — even if Vox may call his ability to be the “bull” somewhat into question.

Stop sending me money to bark

One of the more legendary moments from Luxiem so far, this exchange between Ike Eveland and Mysta Rias firmly established their relationship, with Mysta very much ending up on the “bottom” side of things. He may protest, but he’s clearly into it. And who could resist Ike’s smooth voice, anyway?

Ike the villain

Ike Eveland is such a nice boy, he would never do anything bad. Unless he’s playing Prop Hunt, at which point he becomes one of the most convincing villains you’ll even encounter. Although some might argue that his villain voice doesn’t quite have the intended effect… particularly when it comes to Vox’s reaction.

Remember the person behind the avatar

And finally, a serious one to end things with that comes from Mysta and Nina’s excellent new year’s stream, where the pair of them just drank and chatted for several hours. Mysta had already established himself as someone who is quite happy to say what he is thinking by this point, and his openness on this subject is an important thing to bear in mind. It’s actually quite rare to hear people — regardless of whether they’re a VTuber or not — speak so honestly about this sort of thing, so Mysta definitely deserves some credit and praise for saying this.

He also raises an important point to consider: the fact that we’ve normalised “it’s the Internet, get over it” rather than feeling the freedom to say “that was a hurtful thing to say and I feel bad because of it, fuck you” is a bit of a problem. We should always remember the people behind the words and the avatars on our screens are real people — even if they look like cute anime boys and girls — and treat them accordingly.

So there’s ten of our favourite Luxiem moments to date. These boys are great fun to hang out with, so let’s hope they stick around for a long time to come yet. And if you’re yet to enjoy their streams, be sure to give them a go — they’re all very distinct personalities and, as male VTubers, carry a very different energy to female streamers. Not necessarily better or worse, I hasten to add — just different. And you might like that different vibe!

What are your favourite moments from Luxiem so far? Feel free to share them down in the comments or via the usual social channels!

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