100% Orange Juice available on Rice Digital today

We’re very pleased to to announce that 100% Orange Juice  from developer Orange Juice and localisation company, Fruitbat Factory is available to buy on Rice Digital today! Those of you who are long time doujin fans will be familiar with some of Orange Juice’s games – Acceleration of Suguri and Flying Red Barrel for example, both of which are available on the Rice store currently.


100% Orange Juice takes some of your favourite characters from their past games, along with a few new faces – and puts them into an addictive and super-competitive combination of Trading Card Game elements and strategic board game gameplay.


Orange Juice 3


It’s a really compelling mix of styles – requiring you to build a deck of cards (more unlock as you progress) – all with a wide variety of properties, from out and out attacking, setting traps on certain spaces, healing or conferring attack and defense bonuses etc. Interestingly, the kind of deck you create should compliment the kind of character you’ve chosen, so there’s an added dimension to how you go about tinkering with your pre-game loadout, as it were.


Orange Juice 1


Once you hit the boardgame part – that’s when your choices (and the choices of your opponent) really come to life – as you move around spaces, defeat enemies and eachother in competition for stars. In the game’s single player modes this is a uniquely enjoyable little game – very different from anything we’ve played before, and the artwork is never anything short of a delight.


As a multiplayer experience however – it’s truly exceptional – and the endless combinations of deck types and characters creates a multi-player doujin game that’s endlessly replayable and provides fierce competition for those of you willing to milk its almost obscene depth of strategy.


100% Orange Juice is available to download today for just £4.99 . As ever, our games are available worldwide – with currency changing to your local monies at the checkout! 😉


Lastly, do please support the work of Fruitbat Factory – who have worked so hard to bring you this real gem of a strategy game. Voting for 100% Orange Juice on Steam Greenlight is invaluable to them, and a cause well worth supporting! DO IT HERE!


Oh, and you can also find a lovely gameplay trailer below!



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