11 Nintendo Labo Kits We’d Like to See

Nintendo have done it again, with a surprising and endearing innovation that nobody else would dare to make: Labo. Essentially they’re kits you use to assemble your own peripherals that make use of the joycons, from a piano, to even a little mech suit for kids. Here are 11 more Nintendo Labo kits we’d like to see come to the service!


A cutout of Hululu from Kermono Friends


In loving memory of Grape-kun, Nintendo should release a version of his treasured Hululu cutout for home use. If you somehow missed it, Grape-kun was an adorable penguin from Tobu zoo that won the hearts of many after becoming very attached to the cutout that was added to his enclosure as part of an anime cross-promotion.


He loved it so much, that when it came time to take the cut-outs down from other enclosures, they left Hululu with him, where she remained (even through storms) until he sadly passed away in 2017.


Tiny Arcade Cabinet

Think like a smaller Porta Pi Arcade.


Some Switch games like the Namco Arcade Collection allow you to play the Switch vertically with the joycons undocked, to give you an authentic long arcade cabinet perspective. But why not go the extra mile with this Labo kit that creates a whole tiny arcade cabinet that you can pop up on your desk or lie on the floor to play?


Privacy Blinders

Mock-up only.


Gal*Gun 2 coming to Switch is (hopefully) just the first step to total moe nintendomination. But, unlike the Vita with its comparatively small screen, it’s going to be a whole lot harder to hide what’s going on with your Switch on public transport.


That’s where the Labo privacy blinders come in. A cardboard cradle to hold the Switch, with elegant cardboard “wings” that rise up from the sides, creating a small enclosure that only you, Captain Switch, can see inside. Bliss.


A surprisingly realistic looking gun

Textured with that expert Nintendo precision, the card you’ll bend and twist into the shape of a realistic handgun will accurately resemble gleaming metal. But this gun doesn’t shoot bullets. It shoots the infinitely more dangerous IR sensor.


We imagine this would be great to use in just about any Switch game that involves shooting. Imagine how immersive it’ll be when you’re exploring new planets in Metroid, popping off gruesome headshots in the ultra-violent Splatoon 2, or collecting late loanshark payments in Captain Toad’s Treasure Taker.




Gone are the days when accidentally soiling yourself in a pair of cardboard underwear would simply result in that flaky soggy feeling that wet cardboard so often does.


This Labo kit would use state of the art Nintechnology, using IR sensors to detect when you scare-heads out there are frightened by what you’re playing. It can then use that data to tailor scares to push you over the edge while you’re vulnerable. Expect plenty of heart-racing action in the (possibly) soon to be announced Luigi’s Mansion: King Boo Must Die.


My husband, David Tennant


There he is. And he will now talk to me via the Switch.


Realistic, Exclusive Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure Control Peripheral


This is a game for Switch (and other consoles) where you literally play a cardboard box. Obviously, then, this exclusive Labo kit to tie with the game would be a cardboard box that you twist and reshape and add wheels to in order to create the trademark Unbox Cargo Truck, so you can steer the action yourself at home!


Working Buzzsaw


To tie in with the inevitable release of Surgeon Simulator on Switch, Nintendo absolutely need to release a Labo cardboard set for players at home to make their own working buzzsaw at home.


Gamers can then use the working buzzsaw to perform their own illegal street surgery in order to front the cash for even more Labo sets. Who needs equivalent exchange when you have a way to magic all this extra cash in your life?


A Cardboard Box


This would be good if they ported Metal Gear to Switch. But they probably won’t. So I can just hide in it, instead. I won’t bother anyone anymore if I’m in the Labo box.


Sure, it’s a bit cramped, but I can make do. I didn’t mean to get in the way or anything, so I’m just going to back in the box now. Just let me know if my breathing is too loud or anything. It’s really no trouble. I didn’t bring my phone in the box, so feel free to just kick it if I’m being out of line. Sorry.



Turns out this is an actual thing they already sell for tablets for real money.


People who play Switch docked always say the same thing: “it just looks so much better on a big screen TV”. Everyone’s always like “it runs so much better on an actual TV”. Everyone is always going on that “the resolution is higher” or that “the frame rate is better”.


Well, they can suck it, because with this TV Labo set I’d be able to build a little TV border around my portable Switch screen which makes it a TV so it will run just as good now right?




The Dark Souls Remastered port for Switch might not run as well as it does on other consoles, but using Labo players will be able to become more immersed in the magical dark fantasy of who-even-knows-the-lore-to-this than ever before.


Using a Labo kit players will be able to shave the cardboard into actual functioning kindling that can be really burst into flames so you can rest at your very own bonfire in your living room.


What Labo kits would you like to see come to Nintendo Switch?

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