12 Drunk Night Out Pikachu Reaction GIFs

2015 marks 20 years since Satoshi Tajiri began creating Pokemon, in 1995. The franchise and its characters have obviously become immensely popular, none more so than Ash Ketchum’s sparky sidekick, Pikachu. As such, here are 12 Pikachu reaction GIFs that explore what happens when Pikachu gets buzzed. A topic that needed covering, and needed covering now.


1. When you cradle your wine like your new born son

pikachu-bottle Pikachu Reaction GIFs


2. When you’re feeling your look

pikachu-cheek Pikachu Reaction GIFs


3. When you bump into your best friend in the club

pikachu-eevee Pikachu Reaction GIFs


4. When your jam comes on 

pikachu-dance Pikachu Reaction GIFs


5. When you and your buddy spot a hottie at the bar

pikachu-oshawott Pikachu Reaction GIFs


6. When someone asks if you want another drink

pikachu-nod Pikachu Reaction GIFs


7. When you need a post-club snack



8. When your friend is so drunk that you have to carry him home



9. When you lose your friends and are forced to reassess your life choices



10. When you finally get into bed



11. When you wake up hungover



12. And when you realise some douchebag drew on your face while you were passed out.


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