13-Year-Old Japanese Girl Makes 600 Masks To Fight Coronavirus

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it’s great to see people come together. A highlight of which is a 13-year-old Japanese girl, who’s donated 600 masks that she made herself. The masks have various designs, and she said that she’d be happy if they were useful to somebody.


japanese coronavirus handmade masks


Obviously there are a shortage of masks in the world right now, even in Japan, where they are commonplace without a pandemic. One girl in Japan has taken it upon herself to help the problem, though. 13-year-old Hime Takimoto from Kofu has used her own money, and sacrificed her New Year’s gifts, in order to create 612 masks by hand. The masks don’t even look basic, they’re probably some of the nicest surgical masks I’ve ever seen. Hime donated the masks to her local prefecture, and the governor said that he “wished to distribute the masks in establishments caring for children and the elderly.”



hime masks


When interviewed by Sankei News, Hime had this to say:


“When I saw the long queues in front of pharmacies and heard that some people were buying masks to resell online at auction when those who really needed them could not get them, I decided to act. – I asked my mother to break my otoshidama and I bought all the equipment to make masks myself.”


Each one of the masks comes with a message that reads “I would be happy if it could be useful to you”.



hime masks message


We could do with more people like Hime in the world!


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