15 Everyday Life Problem Godzilla Reaction GIFs

Bandai Namco’s Godzilla game comes out on the 17th July. I don’t need much excuse to get hyped for something about the King of Monsters. As the end of Godzilla 2000 testifies, “maybe it’s because Godzilla is inside each of us”. To test out the theory I decided to share 8 Everyday Life Problem Godzilla Reaction GIFs.



1. When you’re trying to eat outside at the restaurant but it’s fly season

godzilla-aeroplane-flies Godzilla Reaction GIFs


2. When you randomly spot your best mate in town

godzilla-being-looked-at Godzilla Reaction GIFs


3. When you’re talking to your friend about King Ghidorah films and they don’t realise Godzilla vs. Gigan has King Ghidorah in it

godzilla-eyes Godzilla Reaction GIFs


4. When your regular place redecorates and you don’t like it



5. When you leave work and it’s snowing and you only wore a t-shirt



6. When you’re busting moves at Grandma’s 80th

Godzilla_dance Godzilla Reaction GIFs


7. When you’re running for the elevator at work and you miss it



8. When you’re trying to cook lobster for a romantic dinner

tumblr_me2jigLZim1ru09vqo1_500 Godzilla Reaction GIFs


9. When you try to fix a kitchen appliance but you just make it much worse

godzilla-destroy-robot Godzilla Reaction GIFs


10. When you get caught in the rain but decide to just push through it as normal anyway



11. When you’re excited to be involved with a Snickers advert



12. When someone tells you King Kong is the best monster movie

godzila-king-kong Godzilla Reaction GIFs


13. When your friend tells you there’s a bug on you



14. When someone new tells you they’ve not seen any of the Japanese Godzilla films



15. When you’re a creepy baby





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