15 Funny Final Fantasy XV Glitches & Bugs

We’re loving our time with Final Fantasy XV so far. But like any huge, ambitious, open world game it’s inevitably going to have some bugs and glitches. That’s the way of things when you’re creating something so breathtakingly massive. Here are some of the funniest ones people have shared so far!


Indestructible Noctis

Even cars are afraid of Noctis.



It’s Not So Bad Out Here Once You Get Used To It

We’ve seen more than one video of this happening at this point in the game, so look out for it! That line of dialogue is so on point it almost seems deliberate.



Warp Sky Dive

This particular glitch has been used by people to skip over areas and force their way into section of the game early! There’s a lot of version of this one out there.




Invisible Car Drivers

It seems that this one is fairly common, and these drivers of invisible cars can spawn pretty much anywhere. It’s kind of eerie the way they just silently stare, legs locked in that impossible squat.



Gladiolus’ Training Dummy

What, you didn’t think he’d train you himself, did you?


Spooning Double Date



Groovin’ and Talkin’

This one seems pretty common to encounter in this one cutscene! Everyone gets into it!






RIP, Ignis

Seems that Ignis has a habit of suddenly being plunged into the abyss. Who will cook for me now!?



Musical Statues

It seems this area of the game can cause all sorts of strange character load-in issues for some serious laughs!


She’s Just Happy to See You


Sneaking Into a Movie

The age old tactic of appearing older by standing on each other’s shoulders. Too bad they forgot the trench coat!



Don’t Go Towards The Light

You won’t like what you find there.


Why drive when you can swim?

It appears this is how Noctis loads in when there’s nothing around him, flailing in the air. There are some shares out there of him loaded into nothingness, but this bizarre one of him in the car is the best. He’s somehow propelling it forward by swimming, with his friends cheering him on stoically as if ship figureheads.



The Ignis Twerk



Chocobo Tricks

Again, this seems to happen pretty often! Show-offs!



Having fun with these glitches and bugs aren’t a knock against the game at all. Final Fantasy XV is technically very, very impressive! It’s just the nature of games that are so ambitious that some oddities will arise, and that can actually be tremendous fun. Most of the ones we’ve seen out there are harmless, silly bugs like these rather than anything game breaking. What have you encountered?



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