2 great chatroom-based otomes that aren’t Mystic Messenger or Blooming Panic

Let’s cut straight to the chase – Mystic Messenger is arguably the best known example of a chatroom-based otome that there is, whilst Blooming Panic has run away as the greatest indie one to have ever existed as of now. But if you happen to also love this style of game as much as I do, you’ve probably already played them both, and to quite an extent at that.

So allow me to introduce to you two more chatroom-themed otome titles that you should check out! Plenty have gone under the radar when the aforementioned two behemoths already exist, so I feel it necessary to highlight a couple more that I have also had the absolute joy of experiencing — and that I think you should too.

In Game Crush

Chatroom-based otome In Game Crush

In Game Crush was unfortunately overshadowed upon release, as it was the other chatroom-based otome title that came from last year’s Otome Jam alongside Blooming Panic. Created by BunnyGirlSenpai, Awiola, Goldgust and swirllyman, its premise has the main character (who can be renamed and who has selectable pronouns) join the Harmocord Chat server after being encouraged to do so by a few online friends. There, they meet the users CanOfCorn and PockyDaze, the two available love interests.

In Game Crush is a fairly condensed chatroom universe, since the only characters who are server members are you and the two love interests. Despite this, it has as much depth and world expansion as Blooming Panic did, what with how much was written to build up the in-game webnovel. In Game Crush also has multiple channels to make use of, which can become more or less active depending on your answers throughout the game.

There are a total of six different endings to give the title replay value, with three each for both love interests. The choices are mostly always straightforward, with relationship points coming from either having similar thoughts and sharing the same interests as one of the love interests, or by remembering the extensive information you’ll read up about the overall universe through the News Channel; you’ll appeal to one or the other by successfully relaying this information.

With a total of 6 CGs to collect, shared out between the two love interests, and a branching narrative depending on how many relationship points you pick up along the way, In Game Crush is another worthwhile otome chatroom title to pick up for anyone who wants to enjoy developing a relationship from strangers to romance with two sweet internet nerds. If I have to admit it, PockyDaze just beats out CanOfCorn as being the most adorable, but both are lovely.

The romancing is endearing, the characters converse realistically, and the relationship-building aspect is appealing. Definitely worth your time, so check it out on itch.io.

miraclr: Divine Dating Sim

Miraclr: chatroom-based otome

Woodsy Studio’s miraclr: Divine Dating Sim has its players connected to five archangels via its virtual messaging app ‘miraclr’ in an attempt to bring the world the first miracle in 400 years. It’s a big deal, and failure isn’t an option — unless you’re one for bad endings.

The chat is overseen by Metatron, and the game puts emphasis on its comedic aspect by being set in a office workplace with a fantastical spin on it; you, the sole human character, agree to a contract and must determine which miracle you wish to be granted.

It’s quite simply Obey Me! with the absurdity level cranked up to the maximum when it comes to the love interests and their conversations. The dialogue between the entire cast never fails to get a chuckle out of me; there are some delightfully ridiculous dynamics on display as we see how the various angels feel rivalry with one another even in the smallest of struggles, and the way in which they talk about the most trivial things gives the whole thing a feeling of relatability despite its “otherworldly” nature.

Individually, each love interest offers something different in their temperaments, goals, and general behaviour, with a couple being particular standouts from the cast as a whole.

Personally, my favourite by a mile is the himbo Uriel, whose balancing of dorkiness and big-heartedness made for the most fun in conversations. Then we have the workaholic leader type Michael, whose uptight and strait-laced exterior covers up his more vulnerable side; the nerdy Raphael whose intelligence is juxtaposed with his difficulty in keeping up with humanity’s urban dictionary; the obligatory flirt Gabriel, who is secretly more calculating than he may appear to let on; and the one and only Lucifer – the one who will most certainly be most players’ favourite (fallen) angel. He’s the joker of the cast, undermining the efforts of everyone else in the server, and acting as its resident troll.

Each route takes place over a week of real time. It’s similar to how the hourglasses work in Mystic Messenger, but miraclr: Divine Dating Sim allows for a certain degree of optimisation by allowing you to schedule your three daily meetings across the week by selecting your own time preferences. And if you happen to play the game on either Steam or itch.io as I did, both download platforms offer the ability to rewind and restart the text threads so that you’re not missing out on any of the most significant chats, since these scheduled meetings can happen even if the player is absent from them.

In fact, you can even play the game in one sitting with its day selection feature instead, if you choose to play on PC or Mac. There is also in-game currency in play here, since responses that increase a love interest’s affection throughout the game rewards you with Halos, which can then be used on progressing chats, unlocking CGs and avatars depending on what platform you’re playing on.

And I’ve left the biggest compliment for last, with its unexpectedly well-implemented couple of plot twists in the route that unlocks after one playthrough of any love interest. These moments were lovely surprises, since I did not expect such a casual-feeling title to take such a turn. So for both lovers of romance and a good story, miraclr: Divine Dating Sim has got you well and truly covered.

miraclr: Divine Dating Sim is the ideal chatroom based otome to dedicate an entire day to, or to partake in it over a longer period in bite-sized segments. It’s available on Steam, itch.io and mobile devices.

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