2 New Fire Emblem Warriors Characters Announced

 2 New Fire Emblem Warriors Characters Announced

Famitsu has revealed 2 new Fire Emblem Warriors characters – Cordelia and female Robin from Awakening! The magazine also features a bit of extra detail on the Weapon Triangle and Efficiency systems, with more information to come when the new Famitsu issue releases properly.


With 2 versions of Robin in the fray, things are going to get a little confusing! I’m curious to know if they’ll be able to have Support conversations with each other, as well as how they’ll interact differently with the rest of the cast. Presumably, having both Robins means a male Corrin announcement will be on the way too.


As for Cordelia, we now have a confirmed playable Pegasus Knight! It’s already been stated that Xander will play permanently glued to his horse, so it’s probably fair to assume the same will apply here. How Cordelia will fight in this kind of game when she’s primarily airborne will be very interesting to see! Playing as a Pegasus Knight should be pretty fun though!


2 New Fire Emblem Warriors Characters Announced

On top of the additions to the playable cast, a ‘Character Lost’ system has been announced, where characters you lose in battle cannot be used again. Basically, permadeath is coming to Fire Emblem Warriors! Or at least something like it is. Hopefully, there’ll be some more info on how this is going to be featured in the game to follow soon!


Fire Emblem Warriors releases on Switch and New 3DS on September 28th in Japan, and in Q3 2017 elsewhere. You can read more about the game here.


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