The 25th Ward Trailer Showcases Characters & Story Routes

After the success of The Silver Case in Japan, Suda 51 worked on a mobile exclusive follow-up in 2005 — The 25th Ward. Since then, the mobile service shut down, making The Silver Case‘s sequel impossible to play. Until first game’s remaster last year, neither game had made its way west. But, The 25th Ward is now being completely remade.


It’s a much bigger job than simply remastering the first game — which was very nicely done, by the way. Due to being a mobile game, it wouldn’t be possible to simply remaster what already existed, so a lot more time has been spent with The 25th Ward remaking it for PS4 and PC. The new trailer showcases the games characters and story.



Similarly to the first game, the story in The 25th Ward jumps between different perspectives, with each route having 5 episodes (in the original release anyway, this remake could have extra cut content).


“Correctness” follows detectives of the Heinous Crimes Unit yet again; “Matchmaker” offers a new perspective from the shadowy Regional Adjustment Bureau; and “Placebo” makes a return following returning character Tokio Morishima — a former journalist and private investigator, who’s still trying to make sense of the revelations at the end of the first game.



Like in The Silver Case, they’ll all intertwine to tell the full story, as the mysterious Kamui serial killer seems to have made a return. The first game is great, and while this one follows a lot of fresh characters, you still might want to check out the original story first to make best sense of this one.


The 25th Ward: The Silver Case releases on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2018.

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