2chan Hot topics: Outrageously Hot ‘Cosplays’.

Amongst the hot topics today is this collection of “high quality” cosplay pics.  They look like awesome cosplays to me but many 2chan users argue that these are photos of good looking girls – not good cosplays. So this has got me thinking. What makes a good cosplay pic? Is using photoshop ok? or does everything have to be genuine? What do you think? 


In the interest of being wholly… er… scientific in research of this topic, we thought we’d provide a range of examples…


Hot cosplay


sexy cosplay


cowgirl cosplay


Touhou Cosplay


Lillipop Copsplay


pop cosplay


dat underboob cosplay


Very pretty cosplay

Looks a bit like iron man cosplay


Is this sucker punch cosplay ?


going to prison cosplay


Evangelion cosplay


nice cosplay

Maid cosplay


sexy bottom cosplay


More through the link HERE

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