3 Fantastic Anime Steam Games To Add To Your Library

As we all know, Steam has a wonderful offering of a various amount of games to cater to all our wants and needs. With well over 30,000 games to choose from, this can make narrowing down your choices of a purchase a difficult decision. Here we cover 3 we most definitely enjoy playing and think are also worthy of your attention and well earned dosh. And what better category for our Rice Digital readers than 3 anime Steam games?

Our Favourite Anime Steam Games

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

Developed by the now unfortunately defunct French indie studio Enigami, Shiness has a lot of love and care put into it by the developer as their debut action RPG. The story may not be anything new; a doomed universe waiting for our player character to save it has been a tried and tested formula for success, but Shiness still manages to captivate and charm its audience. The world of Mahera is breathtaking vibrant and vivid, with wonderful lore and world building equipped with a fitting and memorable original soundtrack and a lovable cast. Play as Chado and his four companions, set out on a mission in pursuing a Shiness only Chado can see, leading to the goal of unifying the continent of Mahera through his newfound power. Each character has very different play-styles and the combat tries something new for an action RPG

During exploration, encountering enemies and fighting them transforms the area into an arena, where combat is played out in real time with a mix of close combat and magic, with a focus on combos and parries, and magic based, long range attacks. Each character has depth, defining moments, and create a lovely and diverse main cast of characters. There are puzzles to be solved by specific characters, and the game caters to both casual players and those who are seeking a challenge, with a battle system easy to understand, but hard to master. Particularly worth noting considering the anime appeal is its presentation in cutscenes, stylised as manga/comic book strips. Even better is the free manga the studio released that showcases more of its world and lore.

The game lasts for around 35 hours depending on how many side quests and additional missions you are willing to experience. Despite it needing more fines to make the game run as smoothly as it can be, it is still a wonderful RPG with an engaging premise and characters. Overall, Shiness leaves an impression its developers should be proud of.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is only £8.99 on Steam, and is also available to play on the PS4.

Evan’s Remains

Evan’s Remains is a pixelated, visual novel styled platformer and puzzler. Its premise is on the disappearance of a boy genius named Evan, as we play as Dysis in search of Evan who happened to request Dysis specifically to locate him. As a mystery thriller, the cute style of the game on the surface reminds me of such juxtaposition presented in The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories, another horrifying brilliant puzzle platformer on Steam.

As obvious as the title card and art style is to indicate influences from anime, the narrative has been said by its developer to be constructed from Japanese graphic adventure games, evident with its cutscenes taking heavy influence from visual novels. Its story is layered and sends a hard hitting punch in its finale where all the gradual clues and hints come together and are answered with a shocking revelation. Evan’s Remains may be a short experience at only 3 hours to fully complete, but with puzzles that gradually become more complex, and an absorbing, twisting narrative and mystery, Evan’s Remains has swiftly become a hidden gem of 2020. Love it or hate it, Evan’s Remains is a strikingly stylish indie title that’s hit the nail on the head with a unique marriage between two styles of gameplay with its visual novel segments and platformer stages. This will not be the last title I play from the American studio Whitethorn Games.

Evan’s Remains remain exclusive to Steam at £5.19.

Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe

Battle Chef Brigade may be the most well-known entry on this list, but I just couldn’t leave this one out. Brought to us by Chicago based Trinket Studios, the game juggles many gameplay styles that come together to create a perfect recipe for success. It has so many varied yet always incredibly endearing and lovable characters, each a highlight with their own wonderfully animated characterisation, chirpy personalities and brilliant voice work, alongside an entertaining main story topped off with a “so good you could eat it” presentation. Not only is the art style downright gorgeous in its hand drawn animated splendour, but its vibrancy and polish effectively further brings to life the fast paced kitchen mayhem and cooking antics in its core gameplay.

Play as three different chefs, hunt down your ingredients in a 2D hack and slash segment, then get it cooked through a puzzle matching system to beat your chef rival in the story mode’s tournament. And here I thought Shokugeki no Soma was where food looked the best! Play it alone or co-op, and aim to unlock as many of its gorgeously illustrated CG it has to offer for even more pseudo-anime goodness.

Get your knives out for Battle Chef Brigade for £15.49 on Steam, also available to play on the Switch and PS4.

What other anime inspired games have you found and enjoyed on Steam? Let us know in the comments!

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