“Megaroguelike” 30XX hits Steam early access in February

 “Megaroguelike” 30XX hits Steam early access in February

Developer Batterystaple Games are looking to expand upon the already successful 20XX when its aptly named sequel 30XX launches in Steam early access next month.

Releasing on February 17, 30XX is primarily a roguelike that borrows heavily from the Mega Man series. Both playable characters have movesets similar to Mega Man and Zero, and even the game’s new artstyle is reminiscent of the Mega Man Zero titles.

That’s not to say it’s lacking any creativity, as 20XX already proved that the developers could offer up a unique spin on a familiar gameplay style. With 30XX, they’re taking what already worked in the previous game, and adding in even more content.

As shown by the release date reveal trailer, there’ll be a few new ways to play outside of the usual roguelite mode. Mega mode lets you keep trying the same set of levels with no permadeath, while a comprehensive level editor allows for the creation of custom stages.

During early access, Batterystaple Games are planning to continue adding more level themes on top of the initial six, with player feedback being “a critical voice in [Batterystaple’s] design process”.

Isaac Todd
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