OZMAFIA!! Pre-orders and Release Date

Visual novel fans will be happy to know that pre-orders for Manga Gamer’s first ever otome game, OZMAFIA!!, are now live! Not only that but the release date, which had been slated for some time early this year, has now been confirmed as April 29, 2016! Forget the April showers; this Poni-Pachet otome is sure to keep you happily indoors whilst you ignore the last few downpours!



Once upon a time, a girl and her beloved pet dog were swept away to a magical land by a tornado.

With a witch’s silver slippers upon her feet, the girl set out for a city of emeralds to meet a great wizard and ask him to send her home.

Along the way she made some unusual friends who joined her on her journey as they too had requests to make of the great wizard.

The path may have been fraught with many trials, but eventually the small party made their way to the city of emeralds and their wishes granted by the great wizard.

You may think you know how the story ends, but what if the girl hadn’t felt that there was ‘no place like home’…?


This Wizard of Oz-inspired visual novel features a wealth of character routes and personalities. The story will of course include the three biggest names in the Oz world: Lion, Scarecrow and Tin woodman, but with some big twists! The lion is anything but cowardly, the scarecrow is frighteningly calculative and the tin woodman is largely more than he seems! Oh, and if you thought the names matched the appearances, then you are in for a shock! There are ten handsome bachelors and one beautiful bachelorette who are expecting you, the player, to show them what true love really is! With so many stories to uncover and characters to get to know, OZMAFIA!! has implemented an interesting system which calls on love triangle routes and outside routes. Try not to break too many hearts, Miss Casanova! The replay value of this game is high, with each route having at least two endings, bonus images on completion and a hidden ending that will only unlock after every ending has been collected!








OZMAFIA!! has an all ages rating and will be partially voiced in Japanese. Although originally released for the PS Vita in Japan, the English version will only be available for the PC. You can find out more about the game via the official website here. Make sure to get your pre-orders in! This fantastical, mafia adventure is not something you want to miss!





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