4 of the very best muscular anime girls

Go ahead and say it with me. We all love a muscular anime girl. (You can’t tell me what to d– wait, no, I do – Ed.) Here at Rice Digital we love men and women of all shapes and sizes. Give us a woman who can deadlift a car and we’ll never have to worry about a flat tyre ever again. Thick thighs might save lives, but strong thighs will save the world, so today we’re celebrating the waifus who aren’t afraid of hitting the weight room.

Grab a protein shake, check how heavy your dumbbells are, and check out our top muscular anime girls.

Uehara Ayaka (How Heavy are the Dumbbells You Lift?)

muscular anime girl Ayaka

I don’t make any secret of how much I adore this series — nor do I apologise for it — and Ayaka is one of my favourite parts of both the anime and the manga. The girl has got abs for days and a mean jab to go with them. The daughter of a boxer who occasionally helps at her father’s gym, Ayaka is one of my favourite muscular anime girls because she’s always ready to throw herself into a challenge.

Ayaka could grate cheese on her abs, but that doesn’t stop her from encouraging and lifting up her friends. Whether it is at Silverman’s Gym alongside her friends or checking out the guys at a party, this girl is one of the best to have in your corner.

Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Even those who haven’t been keeping up with Attack on Titan over the years can’t escape the love the Internet has for this girl. She takes her job of killing Titans very seriously and has the training regimen to back that up. Throughout the show, Mikasa proves that she is one of humanity’s best soldiers, proving the key to victory in several battles as mankind attempts to survive in the brutal world they find themselves in.

Her intensity can be more than a little intimidating, but honestly that’s half of why we love her. Mikasa can stop just about anyone in their tracks with a cold look, but she could stop a Titan’s jaws with her abs.

Yuko Oshima (Keijo!!!!!!!!)

If you’ve never seen Keijo!!!!!!!! (the eight exclamation marks are important — no more, no less), then you’re missing out on a magical bit of sports anime. In a show about young women competing to knock each other into a pool of water with only their boobs or butts, complete with special attacks and rival training schools, you’d expect there to be a wealth of fanservice on display. And you’d be right, but with all the bathing suit clad ladies around, Yuko Oshima still manages to stand out.

While most of the characters rely on certain assets to give them an edge, she instead relies on the power generated by her jacked arms and shoulders to help her come out on top. Seriously, this muscular anime girl has the kind of physique every gym rat aspires to. Go check out Keijo!!!!!!!! because it is such a silly delight.

Captain Mizuki (One Punch Man)

Muscular anime girl Mizuki

In a world with the likes of Puri Puri Prisoner and Superalloy Blackluster, it takes a lot to make your physique stand out from the rest, but Captain Mizuki manages to make it happen. A former world-class athlete turned hero, she joins the battle against the Monster Association, using her superhuman strength and reflexes to take on enemies several orders of magnitude stronger than herself.

Of course, being the highly trained athlete that she is, Mizuki’s physique is the result of a lifetime of training. She might lack the sheer mass of some of the other heroes, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook her as she seeks to prove herself.

For fans of muscular anime girls, there is no shortage of waifus to choose from. If you’ve got a favourite who was left off this list, let us know on the usual socials below.

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