4 free otome games you need to play right now

I, like many of us I’m sure, got into the otome genre through the always expanding, always informative depths of the internet. My first exposure to the genre was with the freeware classic RE: Alistair, an early otome piece developed by the well-known developer sakevisual. Before Steam became the Amazon of PC gaming, sites such as Lemmasoft and itch.io thrived for independent creators, the latter especially so with reaching many online users looking for cheaper options for their niche gaming interests. Here we intend to list 4 free otome titles all available for grabs on itch.io that you may have yet to play yourself.

Cute Demon Crashers!

Cute Demon Crashers! prizes itself on being a short and sweet game with consent as its main theme. Developed by SugarScript for the NaNoRenO 2015 (an annual challenge to complete a visual novel for itch.io), Cute Demon Crashers has you playing as a virgin college student on her spring break whose wish of wanting a fling is fulfilled when three incubi and a succubus enter her home. There is a lot of cute fluff before the eventual reward of the explicit, 18+ endings, where the player can choose when to initiate or stop the intimacy.

Considering that such explicit content is near vacant in the otome genre save for one MangaGamer title called Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome (also available on Steam), this is a greatly appreciated game when the majority of romantic visual novels are aimed at the male perspective.

The art is amazing for an indie title, and thanks to fans of the game who supported the title with payment, the team added in partial voice work as further polish to the experience. With a relatable, lazy player character, a humorous setup and witty dialogue, and a lovable small cast of characters, Cute Demon Crashers prove to be a wonderful time to spend your evening with.

Get it on SugarScript’s itch.io here.

Dark Nights

Dark Nights is an increasingly well regarded and recognizable indie otome game that’s currently flourishing with well deserved attention and praise. Having released last year, it’s the newest pick of the bunch on our list, with what may very well be the most gorgeous and polished art ever seen in a “name your own price” otome title. Not only this but it even has an opening, equipped with a song! Its production is notably apparent, with the game lasting over 10+ hours with 4 routes and 16 endings.

Its story will immediately grab your attention, where people are disappearing in a small village with the only lead being the mysterious appearance of its 4 LI’s, topped off with a heroine who is itching for a good mystery to happen in her quiet home village.

With everything original, from its mysterious story, soundtrack, and art in sprite work, CGs and backgrounds, developer pinlin has truly outdone themselves in the amount of content they’ve packed in to this little gem. If you have time for only one of my suggestions, go for this one!

Get it on pinlin’s itch.io here.

Halloween Otome

Halloween Otome is another title I experienced when I was much younger, but has stayed with me for years. For a free game, its Tumblr creator Synokoria put a lot of care and attention into their product, with wonderfully written dialogue with very few typos and a lot of humour and mature content. Its set in an annual game spanning 2 weeks with puzzles and challenges to be solved in random groups of participants, run by the rich and famous.

Emma Cee is the only individual with no status to participate but is disguised in her Halloween costume like everyone else (of course setting up many exciting full reveals of the LI’s and their identities) after winning an invitation to this supposed getaway.

Emma is a capable heroine unlike many other leading ladies found in major otome titles (Amnesia’s heroine comes to mind first), and her interaction and relationship progression with the 3 LI’s are natural and wholesome. There are 9 endings obtainable and can all be accomplished in around 4 hours of play-time. What I loved most about the title is the inclusion of some very welcome and engaging puzzles, an optional factor that made this indie title really memorable. This small gem encompasses why I love the otome genre, being as much of a nostalgic game to me as RE; Alistair.

Get it on Synokoria’s itch.io here.

The Knife of the Traitor

If we’re talking about the most humorous game of the bunch, The Knife of the Traitor wins hands down. As a comedy with sprinkles of mystery and romance mixed into it, it plays as an unconventional otome but in the best way possible. You play as Os, the heir of Ulla who must identify the traitor who put a knife through her neck. With 3 main LI’s and 1 secret character route, it will keep you preoccupied for another evening of gaming time.

Its particular aesthetic with the cute, gothic designs is extremely appealing and well done considering the character’s unusual personalities and setting (a kingdom made from bones and guts of your enemy has never sounded so cool). Its 4 romanceable options are all different from one another but are still so much fun to interact with and grow closer to. You’ll be switching which suitor is your favourite with each route playthrough, until you unlock the secret route that is. Let’s just say the the best boy of them all is hiding right under your nose the whole time.

Get it on Chegovia’s itch.io here.

What are your favourite free otome titles more of us should have already played? Let us know in the comments!

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