Four Mario Kart Clone Characters I’d Like To See

While I don’t doubt that they have their fans, the likes of Baby Rosalina, Metal Mario, Tanooki Mario and Pink Gold Peach are generally pretty unpopular choices for Mario Kart characters. Nonetheless, each new game gives us more ‘clone’ characters, and I use the word clone literally to mean another version of the same person.



So I started thinking, it obviously saves time to have some characters like this, so who would be some good options for future games? Here are my picks.



Donkey Kong Sr.

I suppose it’s a little ironic that my first listing in this post is actually not a character who has ever been in Mario Kart before, but it would still be another person named “Donkey Kong” who looked similar to the Donkey Kong we know and love, so, I guess I can still call it a ‘clone’ character. I’d like Donkey Kong Sr. to appear because it would help to clear up the misconception that our current Donkey Kong is the same guy who kidnapped Pauline all those years ago and it’d also be a nice retro reference. If you look at the artwork, the original Donkey Kong looks a lot different to the current one, and given a nice 3D model they could be distinguished from one another.


Donkey Kong Sr. Mario Kart Clone Characters

Zombie Wario

Wario Land is a good series of games and has a rather unique form of power-ups; enemies will do something to harm Wario and in the process he will be comically altered and, much to the dismay of his enemies, these alterations are actually what help him to progress through the levels. One of my personal favourites is Zombie Wario and I’d like him in Mario Kart because it would be a nice Wario Land reference (while most things only really acknowledge WarioWare) while also being quite visually distinct from the main Wario.


Zombie Wario Mario Kart Clone Characters


Mr. L

I loved Super Paper Mario and I would even go so far as to say that it’s probably my favourite Mario game. During the story, Luigi is kidnapped by the villains, brainwashed and turned into the villain known as Mr. L. Luigi is one of my favourite characters to be in Mario Kart and so getting a chance to be Mr. L would be excellent and I’m sure everyone would appreciate the Paper Mario series being acknowledged in a more central Mario title.


Mr. L Mario Kart Clone Characters


I’m not sure about the copyright with this one, as Boshi comes from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars he might actually be owned by Square. Even so, I would like Boshi, an evil version of Yoshi, to be in Mario Kart just because I like his design and, again, it’d be nice to see a reference to a less mainstream corner of the Mario universe. Plus, if he went on to regularly appear in Mario spin-offs, it’d be nice to get a cutscene down the line of Wario or Waluigi riding along on Boshi.


Boshi Mario Kart Clone Characters


Of course, the chances of any of them actually being included are probably quite low. But if they have to put in these ‘clone’ characters to save time, I think that there are options available which people will be happy with. Who would you like to see in future Mario Kart games?

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