4 of the best JRock songs from September

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Music has the power to lift us, no matter how difficult or frustrating the world seems to be. Despite an increasingly chaotic world, the JRock scene manages to drop continually impressive tracks. As always, we’ve got our favourite songs that have gotten us through a long, strange couple of weeks.

As always, you can find these songs and more on the Rice Digital Spotify playlist. It is full of new JRock tracks and some old favourites of ours.

Determination by Bridear

I have written about Bridear and how they’re one of the next big things in JRock before but getting to see them live gave me a whole new appreciation for just how good they are. They are full of energy, excitement, and, most importantly, joy — all things that can be in short supply these days. Getting to chat with them about their album and their UK tour was easily one of the highlights of my year.

Aegis of Athene is an absolute monster of an album and Determination is easily my favourite track on it. If you haven’t checked out Bridear yet, you’re missing out on one of the best metal bands on the planet. This is a band who are set to make big waves in the metal scene.

one more time by Scandal

Another group that I managed to see live this month was Scandal. They finally made their return to London after a six-year hiatus and gave fans a show worth waiting for. It was an emotional evening for both the audience and the band, but one of the highlights was their performance of one more time off their latest album, Mirror.

Honestly, this song didn’t move me when I first heard it on the album. It wasn’t until I saw it live that the message and emotion behind it hit me. The world is chaotic and difficult to follow sometimes, so it’s okay to take a moment for ourselves. Do what brings you joy so you can go out and face another day. Now, this is one of my all-time favourite Scandal songs.

Influencer by Band-Maid

Everyone, there is a new EP out from Band-Maid and it is so good. Last month we had Unleashed!!! to dive into and now the Influencer video has dropped. Every song from this band makes me stop what I am doing and pay attention, but Influencer has moments that are simply jaw-droppingly good.

Starting at the two-minute mark in the video, you get a quick-fire vocal delivery from lead singer Saiki Atsumi followed by an incredible bass solo from Misa. I spend a lot of time listening to JRock and this was one of the best bass performances I’ve heard all year. A lot gets said about the incredible talent of guitarist Konomi Tono, who delivers a stellar solo moments later and is one of the best metal guitarists on the planet, but Misa switches playstyles so quickly in this song it is unreal. Worth listening to just for those few minutes.

Rideau by Polkadot Stingray

Another of my favourite JRock bands is Polkadot Stingray, who have just released their fourth studio album. This is a group that delivers incredible visuals along with a unique sound with each single they release. Their sound is a high-energy mixture of rock, funk, and jazz. Every song they put out is worth listening to, simply because they never deliver the same thing twice.

Rideau is the latest single off their new album and is exactly as fun and frantic as we expect from this group. Shizuku’s vocals are brilliant while Harushi Ejima’s guitar solo midway through the song is simply exceptional. It has convinced me to finally give their new album a proper listen now that most of my travelling is done for a few months.

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