5 of the best sexy games to pick up in MangaGamer’s summer sale

Ah, the summer. The perfect time to stay inside with all the windows open, fans blasting, curtains shut and a video game on your computer monitor. And if you fancy getting sweaty in more ways than one, MangaGamer is currently running a summer sale where a bunch of its classic eroge and nukige can be nabbed for up to 70% off their regular prices.

Not only that, but MangaGamer is also selling a bunch of its physical releases for 25% off their usual prices, too — so if you’ve wanted to add some hardcopies of your favourite lewd games to your collection, now’s a great time to do so!

Anyway, we love a list round ‘ere, we do, so here’s five top picks from MangaGamer’s selection that you should consider adding to your library in either digital or physical form! Note, of course, that given the nature of the games we’re talking about here, you can safely assume that pretty much all of these links are NSFW.


Euphoria in MangaGamer's sale

Digital version: 35% off
Physical version: 25% off

I know I said “sexy” in the headline, but it should probably be noted before we go any further that Euphoria is only “sexy” in that it incorporates explicit sexual scenes in the context of being one of the most notoriously violent, horrific visual novels out there. As such, it should be approached with extreme caution, particularly if you’re new to this side of things.

If you think you can stomach what it has to offer — and if you have a quick read through its store page on MangaGamer, you can probably figure out whether or not you’re going to be into what this game will be confronting you with — then Euphoria is extremely well-regarded as a deeply unsettling horror visual novel.

To say too much more about the experience is to spoil it, but I will add that if you have an issue with scat and gore scenes, you can turn those off. And the writers recommend you play the game’s routes in the order Rika, Natsuki, Rinne, Nemu, then Kanae. Now you know.

Kira Kira

Kira Kira in MangaGamer's sale

Digital version: 50% off

When I was first introduced to Kira Kira, I was promised “K-On! The Visual Novel”. This is, however, a woefully inaccurate description because rather than being lightweight Cute Girls Doing Cute Things slice-of-life funtimes, Kira Kira is a surprisingly intense collection of coming of age stories that doesn’t hold back on the emotional gutpunches and which features some genuinely surprising and shocking twists and turns.

The game features a group of high school students who want to see off their school days with a real bang, so they form a band and go on tour. Along the way, they discover lots of things about themselves and get into all manner of interesting but plausible adventures.

Kira Kira is an extremely satisfying visual novel that features astonishingly good characterisation, excellent music, beautiful art and a protagonist who spends a good 80% of the story crossdressing. Definitely well worth your time; a longstanding classic of MangaGamer’s back catalogue for sure.

Kara no Shojo

Kara no Shojo in MangaGamer's sale

Digital version: 50% off
Physical version: 25% off

In Kara no Shojo, you take on the role of private eye Reiji Tokisaka as he takes on a peculiar request: to find a girl’s “true self”. Subsequently, he ends up caught in the middle of a complex murder mystery — and his strange client may have something to do with everything that is going on.

Kara no Shojo is an extremely well-loved investigative adventure game where you’ll have to step into the shoes of Reiji Tokisaka as he attempts to get to the bottom of the plague of murders. You’ll need to make notes, move between locations and uncover evidence — but of course there’s plenty of time for wooing the lovely ladies of the cast along the way, too. Just maybe don’t get too attached to anyone until you think you’ve figured out who the killer is…

The digital version comes with its spin-off title, Cartagra, and is a longstanding hit from MangaGamer’s library.

Rance VI+5D: Collapse of Zeth and The Lonely Girl

Rance VI in MangaGamer's sale

Digital version: 45% off
Physical version: 25% off

The Rance series is a masterclass in how to craft an incredibly compelling, darkly humorous world and fill it with memorable characters and dramatic stories. Don’t let the series’ reputation of being rape-heavy put you off — one of the most interesting parts of the series’ overall narrative is how it raises the question of if being saved by an irredeemable shithead like Rance is any better than being captured and enslaved by people who are even worse.

To put it another way, the series provides probably one of the best examples of a protagonist character being genuinely “chaotic neutral” in D&D terms rather than the usual “chaotic good” we tend to see in many other games. And that makes for some fascinating, morally complex situations and relationships — not to mention some genuinely hilarious moments, especially when Rance encounters characters who are really not in the mood for his bullshit.

This pack contains the two Rance games that were first to be localised by MangaGamer — despite technically being from the “middle” of the series, they’re a good place to start, since 5D acted as a soft reboot and VI is a direct follow-up. We’ve previously covered 5D in detail in The History of Lewd; watch out for more about VI soon!

Imouto Paradise

Imouto Paradise in MangaGamer's sale

Digital version: 50% off
Physical version: 25% off

All of the titles we’ve listed so far have been a bit serious, so we should probably throw one light-hearted nukige in the mix for when you’ve got an itch that just won’t be scratched through any means other than some absolute, unabashed, unashamed, uncensored filth. And Imouto Paradise certainly delivers on all of those fronts. And backs. And faces. And… you get the idea.

A popular nukige for good reason, Imouto Paradise features some strong albeit clichéd characters, numerous erotic scenes (many of which are animated) and even has a “climax countdown” during erotic scenes. So that, you know, if you’re enjoying the game “as intended”, you can… well, you can sync yourself up with the on-screen action. There’s no polite way to put it, really.

Of course, your enjoyment of this depends on your outlook on whether or not anime incest is wincest or not — just remember it’s a silly comedic fantasy not reality and we’re all good — but if you’re up for what this game has to offer, it’s a good time. And there’s two sequels, too!

MangaGamer’s summer sale runs until August 26, 2021. Check out all the titles available here. And if you’ve found some favourites we haven’t listed here, why not let us know about ’em in the comments — or pen us a letter for the Rice Digital Friday Letters Page?

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