5 Great Gifts For Anime Fans

It’s the festive season and as an anime/manga fan myself, I always look forward to those random gifts that my family gives me to somewhat reference a series I’m in to. It’s never perfect, but it’s the thought that counts right?  

Which brings me into the topic I want to talk about today, and that would be the 5 presents that anime and manga fans will enjoy. So let’s get into it!

Wall Scrolls and Posters

This is without a doubt one of the safest options when it comes to buying a gift for an anime fan. As will be the case with most of these gift suggestions, you may need to do some research on what series the recipient is a fan of. You don’t want to be getting them a poster of a series that they hate, so do some snooping!

Wall scrolls and posters also tend to be on the cheaper side, plus they vary in terms of size as well. So it’s a really flexible choice dependent on the budget. 


Now clothing isn’t an easy option but if done correctly, it can be a great gift. There is A LOT of anime merch out there, and I mean tons. Whatever you type into the Google search bar is almost guaranteed to give you a link to Redbubble or some other sites along those lines. 

Similarly to the above option, you’ll need to be absolutely and 100% certain that the recipient tastes when it comes to their favourite anime. Next you need to find a seller that not only sells anime apparel, but also something tasteful. Personally, I quite like anime apparel to be subtle enough while still showing off that it’s anime merch. Crunchyroll has a pretty solid selection of clothing that ticks some of those boxes. 

Depending on there you’re buying from anime apparel can be fairly pricey, so just keep that in mind.

Manga and Blu-rays

A no-brainer! The main thing that you want to keep in mind when it comes to buying Blu-Rays, more so than manga, is making sure that it’s a series you know they really love. Anime Blu-rays can be extremely expensive, so I feel that it validates the purchase a little more knowing that they will enjoy rewatching the disc. 

Manga on the other hand is much simpler. Fans who are interested in manga are usually totally fine with receiving any volume of a series they enjoy. Because even if they aren’t going to re-read it for a while, it’s still supporting the series and manga volumes aren’t too pricey.

Games for JRPG or Visual Novel Fans

If you know that the person you’re buying for is into playing video games, then going down this route is almost always a sure-fire win. Games are expensive, so it’s not uncommon for people to put off getting games until this  time of year. 

Just make sure you know what kind of games they’re into, be it visual novels or RPG’s, that way you can make the decision making process even easier. Sometimes knowing what anime they’re into can help with this as well. If they enjoyed a series like Steins;Gate, giving them a copy of the original visual novel could be a great idea. Similarly with JRPG’s, if you know they enjoy the Final Fantasy series, you could give them a Persona or Tales game.


This is the tip-top when it comes to gifts for an anime fan, in my opinion anyways. However… there is a lot more preparation when it comes to gifting a figurine. One does not simply buy any old figure. Anime figures are the raid boss of the anime gift world and they offer the greatest reward, but it comes at a price. 

The hurdles are as follows:

  1. Knowing what the person you’re buying for likes enough that they want a figure of it.
  2. Tons of different types of figures to choose from. Poseable or not?
  3. The budget. These things can get expensive.

You need to know exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s the scenario:

You’re buying for your brother and you know he really enjoys One Piece(He sounds like a great guy.) You also know that his favourite character is Nico Robin(Damn a man of culture and fine taste.) You notice that he has other figures that he has purchased for himself, none of them are poseable and he doesn’t have any of Nico Robin. You’re almost ready, all you need to do now is find a figure that fits your budget and then you’re locked in and set to go.

FINALLY, the most important thing… For god sake don’t buy them a Pop figure. You’re better than that.

Conor Evans
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