5 more great VTuber collabs to brighten your afternoon

There seems to have been a significant upswing in the number of collaborative streams between popular VTubers of late — and it’s a delight to see, particularly when said VTuber collabs don’t confine themselves to an individual agency or friendship group.

Collaborations are important to any sort of online entertainer’s growth, because they provide an opportunity for different audiences to meet, interact and perhaps cross-pollinate somewhat. Fans of a particular VTuber may find themselves getting introduced to a new favourite — or perhaps they were already fans of the individual VTubers in question and were curious to see how they might get along with one another.

Whatever the reason, there have been some absolutely great VTuber collabs of late, so let’s take a look at five of the best from recent weeks.

OBSYDIA Minecraft VTuber collab

It’s hard to believe that OBSYDIA, the second generation of Nijisanji’s English VTubers, have only been with us for just over a week. They’ve already captured the hearts of fans from all over the world and are picking up subscribers at an impressive rate — so it’s unsurprising that they’d want to do stuff together as well as individually.

The ever-present Minecraft is both a popular subject for VTuber streams and a great opportunity for VTuber collabs to show how different performers interact and play together. In the case of OBSYDIA, we got a delightful opportunity to see how the vibrantly contrasting personalities of the three members approached the challenges of Minecraft — and how they could both help and hinder one another as a result!

Pomu Rainpuff x Projekt Melody

This is an interesting one, because some Hololive members — most notably the late, great Kiryu Coco — were specifically forbidden from even talking about Projekt Melody, let alone collaborating with her. This is presumably down to the fact that Projekt Melody performs virtual sexy cam shows on adult streaming site Chaturbate as well as playing games and chatting with people on Twitch. Interestingly, Melody has always kept her “sexy stuff” and her “regular stuff” separate, despite initially becoming known for being “the Internet’s first virtual camgirl” — making her immediately stand out from the less salubrious side of Twitch in 2021.

By allowing Pomu, a member of the LazuLight group, to take on a VTuber collab with Projekt Melody, Nijisanji is making several strong statements. They’re saying that they’re open to their talent working with other agencies — in this case, VShojo — and also that they have no objections to their talent working with performers who might, by some, be considered “controversial” due to their other activities. Whatever the thinking behind it, I’m all for it; Pomu and Melody are both a delight.

Ironmouse x Pikamee

Prepare your eardrums: two of the loudest VTubers on the planet got together to play Super Bunny Man, one of the most ridiculously chaotic co-op games there is. And it was an absolute delight from start to finish.

This VTuber collab is one of several that Pikamee has been doing with English VTubers of late; while Pikamee’s streams have always been quite English-friendly due to her tendency to switch back and forth between Japanese and English at a moment’s notice, she has obviously been making a particular effort to work with western VTubers over the course of the last couple of months. And I am absolutely here for it; so long as you don’t mind a bit (all right, a lot) of shouting and two of the squeakiest laughs on the planet, Pikamee and Ironmouse make adorable playmates.

VShojo and Snuffy read “The Room”

The Room, one of the most notoriously terrible movies ever made, is ripe for parody. And who better to parody it than some of the most delightfully good-humoured anime girls on the Internet? Yes, here we have Silvervale, Veibae, Ironmouse, Nyanners and Projekt Melody from VShojo in a VTuber collab with one of their best friends Snuffy, as they read through the ridiculous script and offer some entertaining commentary along the way.

Honestly, it’s kind of surprising that Snuffy hasn’t joined VShojo herself as yet; she’s a frequent collaborator with all of the individual members, and a popular presence in her own right, particularly since she revealed her “real voice” and ended up feeling much more comfortable online as a result a few months back. Perhaps being independent really works for her. Regardless, she’s always a welcome inclusion in any VTuber collab.

Absolute chaos

VTuber collab

Sadly, at the time of writing, all the YouTube-based VODs of this spectacularly ambitious VTuber collab are set to private — presumably so some things that shouldn’t be archived can be snipped out — but you can still catch it via the few surviving Twitch archives while they’re still up — and doubtless the ever-watchful clippers have been hard at work ever since. Here’s Bao’s archive of the event.

This collab, in which a huge variety of VTubers from all across the Web played popular the popular Garry’s Mod spinoff Prop Hunt, was absolute chaos, as you might expect — but I suspect it’s probably one of the only times you’ll ever get the chance to see VShojo, Nijisanji’s Lazulight, Bao, Haruka Karibu, Pikamee, Vienna and Scarra all in one place for quite some time. That said, I think everyone had a good time — so perhaps we’ll see more of this in the near future!

What have been some of your favourite VTuber collabs of late? Let’s hear about ’em in the comments — or pen us a letter for the Rice Digital Friday Letters page if you want to share something in more detail!

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