6 Tasty Japanese Games That’ll Set the Pace of 2015

It’s easy to tell that 2015 is in full swing; New Year Resolutions have been broken after a week of hard fought effort, being back to work and school is a depressingly real prospect, and of course we have some delicious chunks of gaming action close on the horizon, ready to be devoured!

With the most recent console generation finally looking set to get into full swing and an exceptionally strong showing from Nintendo at their recent Direct, we could be looking at an incredible year for gaming all round. But what of the Japanese games? Don’t worry – you’re covered. Here are a few picks that should keep you more than satiated over the first quarter of 2015.


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2
PSVita – 27th January


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 is the Super Turbo Championship Edition HD Remix of Playstation 3 title, Neptunia Mk2. An updated battle system (extremely reminiscent of that from Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory), extended cast, reworked voice sound, visuals and a bearable frame rate are all order of the day to make this title an enticing proposal. It could well be the traditional JRPG offering you need to see you through to more major releases further in the year. Also, waifus. Because.


Most Looking Forward To: Game Console Waifus. No further explanation needed.
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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

3DS – 13th February


The UK 3DS release schedule seems intent on ensuring that any Valentine’s Day date plans are absolutely thwarted, with heavy hitters Monster Hunter and The Legend of Zelda dropping new titles the day before. The hardcore action RPG leviathan is bringing monster-mounting, new weapons and (for the first time on a handheld release) online multiplayer to the series. Combine this with a much improved Free Hunt mode, and a boatload of new monsters – or rather, carload, with aquatic hunting being removed for better or worse (it’s for better), we have a package that will steal hundreds of hours of your life for months to come. I can’t wait.


Most Looking Forward To: Never getting that one drop I need even after dozens of attempts I’m going crazy help.

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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

3DS – 13th February



In part 2 of the Lonely Valentines Day Fiesta of Excellent Game Releases (title pending), The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D enters the fray. Highly anticipated is an understatement for this remake of the N64 classic; it’s more like fans have been demanding it with the force of a thousand moons crashing into Termina. Now it’s almost here, complete with revamped boss fights and fishing. Fishing.  If you haven’t already bought it, buy it. If you have already bought it, buy it again. Share the love.


Most Looking Forward to: Tingle. Sexiness personified.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse

X1, X360, PS4, PS3, PC – 27th February


I haven’t actually seen anything from the Dragon Ball franchise at all, which most certainly means that I’ve not had a childhood and also that I most likely lack a soul. But, I can appreciate it for what it is. Dragon Ball Xenoverse takes that and makes it even more… Dragonballier. You take the role of a player created character and, basically, fight stuff – Dragon Ball style. Of course, exploring open areas, meeting (and learning from) anime characters and taking on multiplayer missions are featured, but that’s definitely just a distraction from the fighting stuff. And damn, the fighting stuff looks good.


Most Looking Forward To: Crying myself to sleep when I learn there are no over 9000 power level references and that I was a terrible person for expecting them.

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

X1, PS4 – 20th March


Final Fantasy really needs something good to happen. Faith in the brand is at an all time low, XV has been in a decade long development cycle and it could be upwards of a year away before we see it released into the wild. Cue Type-0 HD, the home console port of 2011 Japan exclusive HD. Boasting a battle system more akin to Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core than most other entries in the series, it could end up having somewhat of a marmite effect to players lusting after classic turn based fun. It received a generally good reception in Japan though, so it should provide a very solid home console distraction until Final Fantasy XV drops!


Most Looking Forward To: Wondering where 100 hours went.

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PS4 – 28th March


If you haven’t heard of Bloodborne you’ve almost certainly been living under a rock. Isn’t it cold there? The spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls (once again directed by Miyazaki) removes the slow and tactical gameplay of Souls past by eradicating shields, instead forcing players into more aggressive risk-reward situations in order to advance. Alongside in a sprawling randomly generated world on top of that which From Software are crafting to give more natural longevity, this gothic horror styled Playstation 4 exclusive is set to be one of the first heavy hitters of this console generation. Sounds exciting, no? It looks even better.



Most Looking Forward To: Dying Repeatedly. Seriously.

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Things sure are looking good for delicious Japanese games in 2015. Which games are you looking forward to this year?

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