6 things we want from the Kill la Kill game from Arc System Works

The fact that there’s a Kill la Kill game coming from Arc System Works is The Best News. Not just ‘good’ news – but ‘holy sh*t are you kidding me?!’ good news. Why? Because a Kill la Kill game made by Arc System Works is almost guaranteed to be amazing.


But even though we have absolute trust in the genius craftsmen and women of Shin-Yokohama, when it comes to a Kill la Kill game, it couldn’t hurt to throw a wish-listicle (I know, I just made that up!) into the mixer. But before we start, lets all reacquaint ourselves with the trailer recently shown at Anime Expo in Los Angeles!



And without further delay – our list of demands!


1/Just keep doing what you’re doing, Arc!

Have you seen Dragonball Fighter Z?! There is no better videogame rendition of an anime in existence. This is because, having honed their craft on the likes of BlazBlue and Guilty Gear, Arc got let lose on Dragonball, and the results were phenomenal. Rumour has it that if you stare at Dragonball Fighter Z directly, without blinking, for more that 30 seconds you’ll go blind.


Seriously though, the energy of that game is incredible. Cyberconnect have had a reasonably successful stab at getting close to an anime in terms of look and feel with their Naruto Games, but Dragonball Fighter Z was the first to absolutely nail it.


Kill la Kill is an anime of even more remarkable energy. Madder than wet-suit full of weasels, Kill la Kill is a step above Dragonball in terms of its battles. Insane stoccatto movements and grossly exaggerated impacts – if Arc continue the fine work they’re already doing then, we’re all good.


kill la kill game if



One of the best things about Kill la Kill’s battles are the over the top environmental damage, and I think this will be the biggest challenge for Arc System Works. You can’t have a true Kill la Kill battle without the surrounding buildings and spectators being thrown into the air as though someone was peppering the arena with Weapons of Mass Destruction.


There are some nice moments in Dragonball FighterZ where the environment is impacted – but Kill la Kill needs to turn this up a notch or two thousand. We want to see buildings tumble. We want to see the ground shatter beneath their feet. We want to see hundreds of students hurtling though the air and directly INTO THE SUN.


Hiroyuki Sawano kill la kill game


3/ Hiroyuki Sawano has to do the soundtrack.

He has to be the main composer right? He just has to. The man who gave us the Attack on Titan soundtrack and also that of Xenoblade Chronicles X can, in our eyes, do no wrong.


A Kill la Kill game without Sawano would be like Guilty Gear without Daisuke Ishiwatari – every possible shade of wrong, and we simply won’t stand for it.


kill la kill game 2


4/ A little more world building or insight would be amazing.

One thing I really liked about CyberConnect was the the fact that to a greater or lesser degree, they did allow you some exploration of the world of Naruto. Even though it often felt like an after thought (though much more fleshed out in the UbiSoft Montreal adventures).


We’d love the chance, even if only briefly, to have a more detailed look at Honnō City – or at the very least the chance to get a better sense of place for Honnōji Academy. I’m not talking about Naruto: Broken Bond levels of world-building here, but at the very least, some kind of story-hub location to progress from battle to battle in Single Player.


kill la kill game 1


5/ We don’t just want to play as Ryuko

Thankfully both Arc and Trigger have already said this isn’t the case – in case you missed the AX panel, it turns out that Satsuki Kiryuin will be the main protagonist , and apparently we’re going to be able to explore a whole new side of her story-wise. This should be an interesting focal point for the single player.


Given that this IS a fighting game though, we would expect to be able to play as the more prominent cast members to take on our friends for some epic arena battles. Surely the Elite Four of Ira Gamagōri, Uzu Sanageyama, Nonon Jakuzure, Hōka Inumuta should be a given – but what of other characters like Nudist Beach’s Tsumugu Kinagase or some of the club presidents, like Aizenbō Fuguhara and Jack Naitō from the Ping Pong club and Knife Club respectively?


Kill la Kill has such a rich and diverse character base – the perfect melting pot for Arc System Works to flex their creative muscle with their fighting system.


kill la kill game 3


6/ We don’t want a re-telling of the anime – we want more!

Again, this is something that both Trigger and Arc System Works have already alluded to in thei AX panel – even if the exact context of the kill la Kill game isn’t super clear as yet.


You see, the game’s full name is Kill la Kill The Game: IF – the ‘if’ alluding to the fact that the game will give an alternative view to the anime and yet, in the words of Trigger, they want the game to feel like ‘another episode of the anime’.


Where this episode is supposed to take place in terms of the anime’s timeline we don’t know – it seems less like a sequel, and more like another view on the anime timeline’s events – or a sub-story withing that same setting. Trigger have so far only said that it will be an ‘entirely original story’ – and that’s something we’re totally happy with.


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