7 quick Genshin Impact tips to enhance your experience

Since the release of Genshin Impact, more and more players are diving in to this new gacha game! We’ve put together a few Genshin Impact tips and tricks to make sure you get started on the right foot, or maybe learn something you didn’t already know!

Save Your Primogems For Summons

Throughout the game you will earn primogems, this is your free-to-play currency that you absolutely want to save as you progress through the game. Like all gacha games, you’ll be heavily rewarded during the prologue and early parts of the game. Everything will earn you a handful of primogems and you want to use them solely for summons. 

There are parts of the game, such as the ley lines or bosses, that will require resin in order to claim the rewards. Think of resin as your stamina from other gacha games. You have a set amount that recharges over time, but you will be prompted to use your primogems to refill your resin when you run out. Don’t. Resin can be refilled through other means, whereas 5 star characters can only be obtained through gacha rolling. If you want your chance at getting your hands on the wonderful waifu Jean, then save those primogems. 

Commit To A Banner

The game has a built ‘Pity Roll’ system, where you are guaranteed a 5 star character or weapon for 1 in 90 rolls. So, you want to commit to a specific banner in order to increase your pity chances, as opposed to spreading your rolls over numerous banners and decreasing your chances even further of getting your guaranteed 5 star.

Don’t Be Afraid To Reroll

I’m sure many gacha players are aware of this, lord knows I’ve done it enough in Bleach Brave Souls, but it is also a viable strategy in Genshin Impact. About 30 minutes into the game, you will be given enough resources to do around 3 or 4 10x summons. If you don’t pull too well on your first time around, you can always restart and try again. 

Switching Characters and Understanding Elemental Reactions Matter

The game’s combat system heavily relies upon switching between your party of 4 characters and taking advantage of the different elements and their reactions with each other. The main 2 things to understand are Elemental Resonance and Reactions.

Reactions are the offensive form of the elements and these are what you need to master in order to keep on progressing as the enemies become increasingly harder. For example, if you attack a fire element enemy with lighting, this will result in an overload reaction that will cause an area of effect blast dealing damage to numerous enemies at once. Geo element characters have a unique reaction called Crystallize that can be done with all other elements and it will produce a shield that will help protect you against that same element. 

Resonance are the passive buffs that you gain from having a party made up of characters and their elements. For example, having a team of 4 unique elements will increase your resistance to all elements. Having two wind based characters will decrease your stamina consumption and increase your movement speed, so having this kind of setup when you’re exploring is really helpful.

Furthermore, Elements Over High level Characters

When you get to the more grindy parts of the game, you will need certain materials only found from specific monsters in order to level up or rank up your characters and their weapons. Bosses known as the Regisvine’s and the Hypostasis are some of the bosses you will have to frequently encounter in order to progress. 

Some of these bosses have shields and you need to make sure that you’re taking advantage of your elements in order to break their shields and make them vulnerable. Shields can only be broken by taking advantage of the element system in the game, just resorting to your high level character who has a good weapon won’t cut it. If they’re a fire boss with a shield, make use of the overload (electric) melt(ice) and vaporize (water) reactions when you fight. 

Focus On Levelling Your Adventure Rank

Adventure rank is introduced to you after completing a couple of the prologue quests and this is your main way of giving yourself more stuff to actually do in the game, as numerous quests require you to be a certain Adventure rank before you can progress. Opening chests, defeating enemies, doing daily quests or world quests, all of these will add towards your adventure rank, so make sure you focus on doing those. 

Heal up At The Statues Of The Seven

Last little tip, remember that you can heal up from visiting one of the statues of the seven. You don’t have to just eat and unlike Breath of the Wild you can’t go and spend a night at an inn. However, just visiting a statue and standing in front of it for a couple seconds will fill you right up.

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