7 Interesting Autumn 2017 Anime to Keep an Eye on

It’s that time again! The new season of anime is almost upon us! It can be hard to filter through all the new airing shows to decide what to watch, so here’s 7 autumn 2017 anime we think are worth keeping an eye on! One for every day of the week! Except they probably don’t all air on different days.


Black Clover



The already quite popular Shonen Jump manga is finally getting its obligatory anime! Both Asta and his childhood friend and rival, Yuno, dream of becoming the greatest mage in the kingdom – but, while Yuno is incredibly skilled at magic, Asta can’t use any! However, when he receives an incredibly rare five-leaf clover grimoire, he becomes able to use anti-magic to negate and repel his opponents spells! Will it be enough to help Asta achieve his goal? One thing’s for certain – he won’t give up!


7 Interesting Autumn 2017 Anime to Keep an Eye on

A story of rivalry and determination brimming with shonen manga charm, Black Clover seems like one to keep an eye on if you need something to fill a My Hero Academia-shaped hole in your anime watching this season. It mixes in elements of all the shonen greats, but with its own twists — and it looks like Studio Pierrot.  Exciting fight scenes and spirited yelling are pretty much guaranteed.


Food Wars! The Third Plate




Food Wars! returns for a delicious third season, which will finally be properly introducing the Elite Ten Council to the anime.


7 Interesting Autumn 2017 Anime to Keep an Eye on

Tōtsuki Culinary Academy falls into the clutches of a new administration that challenges everything our culinary heroes believe in, bringing the anime into the Central Arc, and introducing many current mainstays of the manga. This season promises many more mouth-watering dishes, and a good helping of “plot”. Take that how you will! After a not-quite-so-exciting season 2, Food Wars! should be back in full swing with this third season. It’ll be good to have it back!


Two Car



An anime original for Silver Link’s 10th anniversary, following two high school girls battling it out with six other pairs in competitive motorcycle sidecar racing.


7 Interesting Autumn 2017 Anime to Keep an Eye on

I know nothing at all about motorcycle sidecar racing, but Two Car makes me want to find out! This looks like the kind of sports anime I hadn’t known I wanted but am now very hyped for! It’s cute and it’s bound to be fun and feel-good in the usual sports anime fashion!


The Ancient Magus’ Bride




Chise Hatori’s life has been filled with abuse and neglect and devoid of anything resembling love. Just when all hope seems lost, a fateful encounter sees Chise obtained from a slave auction by a mysterious man with the head of a beast. The man is a magus and has decided Chise is to become his apprentice – and his bride!


7 Interesting Autumn 2017 Anime to Keep an Eye on

Following the 3 part OVA last season, The Ancient Magus’ Bride has already made its way on to many people’s watch lists. With a really intriguing premise, the series looks like it will offer plenty of emotional moments as well as action, and it’s absolutely gorgeous visually too! The Ancient Magus Bride seems like it has something for everyone – it’s definitely one to look forward to!


Children of the Whales



Chakuro is the archivist of the Mud Whale, an island paradise that drifts across an endless sea of sand. Nine in ten of its inhabitants can use saimia, special powers that doom them to an early death. Chakuro and his friends have found other islands, but have never seen a human who wasn’t from their own, until a visit to an island as big as the Mud Whale leads Chakuro to meet a girl who will change his destiny.


7 Interesting Autumn 2017 Anime to Keep an Eye on

I’ve had my eye on Children of the Whales for a while now, and every new trailer just makes it look more intriguing. I’m not sure I even really understand what it’s about but it’s just so nice to look at and I want to know more! What we know of the world sounds pretty unique and the character designs and backgrounds are beautiful. It’s probably going to be really sad, but I’m ready to suffer!


Code: Realize



Regarded as a monster due to a poison in her body which rots or melts anything she touches, Cardia lives a solitary life in a secluded mansion. When the Royal Guards break in to capture her, she is rescued by the gentlemanly thief, Arsène Lupin. Soon, Cardia finds herself on a journey with Lupin to find her missing father, who holds the answers to her mysterious affliction.


7 Interesting Autumn 2017 Anime to Keep an Eye on

It’s about time Code: Realize got an anime adaptation! Visual novel adaptations tend to go wildly one way or the other, but the Code: Realize anime looks promising! It’ll be great to hear Cardia voiced, and the anime should provide a nice dose of steampunk otome goodness for fans and newcomers alike.


Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World




Kino is a young adventurer, who explores the world on a talking motorcycle named Hermes. As the two travel around together, they learn about the different cultures and people of the places they visit, spending only 3 days at each new location.


7 Interesting Autumn 2017 Anime to Keep an Eye on

It’s been a long time since we had new episodes of this! Now that the source material is further along, it’s about time we got another Kino’s Journey anime to adapt some of the other stories. This version may retread ground from the 2003 adaptation, but there’s certainly going to be plenty of new stuff too. It looks pretty different and has an entirely new voice cast, which is to be expected after all this time, but I’m hopeful it will be just as compelling!


If you’ve been deliberating over what you should add to your watch list this season, hopefully one of these titles will have caught your eye! The autumn 2017 anime selection has lots to offer!

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