A3! global server support ending this year

The global version of mobile otome game A3! (short for Act! Addict! Actors!) will no longer be receiving updates within the next few months, publisher Liber Entertainment announced today.

According to the notice, updates are no longer possible “due to factors affecting the viability of continued operation”. This comes across as a roundabout way of saying “the global version wasn’t making enough money”, though there may be other factors in play.

However, unlike most mobile titles that no longer receive support, A3! will still be playable after the estimated late October/early November end of service. You’ll be able to access all permanent content, just without any new Events, Tryouts or other campaigns.

A3! was close to reaching its second anniversary (which will still be celebrated with in-game events), so the news came at an unfortunate time for players.

The Japanese server will still receive updates (there are even two live-action movies in development), as it’s presumably faring better than its global counterpart.

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