Accel World vs Sword Art Online Release Date Confirmed

Fans of Reki Kawahara’s works will be ecstatic to know that they don’t have to wait too long for the Accel World vs Sword Art Online release as it will be headed West on 7th July, and will release on both PS4 and Vita. Although, Bandai Namco have made it a tad confusing…


If you live in Europe, then you can grab a physical copy of the PS4 version which will be digital-only in North America. The Vita version will be digital-only worldwide.


accel world vs sword art online release

If you purchase the digital version within the first few weeks of launch then you can get free access to Ordinal Scale and SAO Origins costume packs. These will also add Sachi and Yuna as playable characters. If you’re in Europe, you need to sign up the Bandai Namco’s VIP Corner for the Ordinal Scale pack, though.



We’ll be sure to let you know what we think of Accel World vs Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight when we can!

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