Action Packed RPG Fallen Legion Releasing on PS4 Summer 2016

 Action Packed RPG Fallen Legion Releasing on PS4 Summer 2016

YummYummyTummy have released their first glimpse video of upcoming Action RPG Fallen Legion, and it’s looking pretty hot! The PlayStation 4 PSN-exclusive title is expected to be released in Summer 2016.



Not only does the gameplay look tight, but it also looks super slick too – going to show just what can be achieved using the PlayStation 4 hardware even with smaller, download games. The new generation of consoles isn’t just a benefit to massive budget, AAA developers.


ss_3 Fallen Legion


While clashing with rebel armies, you must make split second decisions on how to rule your kingdom. Will you side with the mercenary Prime Legion, palatine Council of Princes or cabalistic March Congress?

The game’s director, Spencer Yip, has explained in detail some of the mechanics on the PlayStation Blog. Speaking about the above First Glimpse video: “I love RPGs and fighting games. This shows in Fallen Legion’s unique battle system that blends both genres together. Cecille brings up to three Exemplars — weapons turned into soldiers by the Grimoire — in battle with her. Zulfiqar is heavy hitter who can also protect other Exemplars with his sturdy shield. Longinus is a damage dealer with multi-hit spear strikes. Apollon can debilitate enemies with status effects. Each character has their own action bar and it’s possible to start slashing with Zulfiqar then switch to Apollon to shoot a barrage of arrows.”


ProjectGrim-Demo_20151130210858 Fallen Legion


Fallen Legion releases on PlayStation 4 in Summer 2016.


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