Akiba’s Beat Mizuki Character Trailer: “The Marksman”

Following those for Asahi and Saki, an Akiba’s Beat Mizuki character trailer has been released! Mixing things up from Asahi and Saki’s blades, Mizuki is a gunner, and his stylish attacks look very fun to use in combat! Take a look at the character trailer below:



Mizuki’s serious and responsible attitude might make him sound like Asahi’s complete opposite, but the two of them have actually been friends since childhood! Here’s a little more about Mizuki:

A childhood friend of Asahi’s who, at times, acts almost like his guardian, always keeping close tabs on his health and safety and trying to snap him out of his NEET lifestyle. Mizuki has a knack for hard work and dedication, and shows this through his school life, remaining active on campus while still maintaining good grades and even tutoring on weekends. This has made him a very popular student with a very good reputation, yet he still chooses to spend most of his spare time with Asahi… assuming Asahi can ever keep to Mizuki’s schedule.

Akiba's Beat Mizuki Character Trailer: "The Marksman"

Akiba’s Beat releases on May 16th in North America and May 19th in Europe for PS4 and PS Vita.

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