Introducing Akiba’s Beat Protagonist Asahi Tachibana!

PQube have released a character trailer for Akiba’s Beat protagonist Asahi Tachibana, in advance of the game’s release next month! Asahi is an unlikely hero, but finds himself leading the group in destroying the delusions cropping up around Akihabara. Take a look at the character trailer below:



Asahi looks like a fun protagonist! His laidback attitude seems like it will be an interesting factor in the main group’s dynamic. His weapon and design are pretty cool too! For a little more about him, here’s Asahi’s description from the official website:

A textbook NEET who came to Tokyo for college, but quit during summer vacation of his freshman year after deciding there was no real place for him in higher education. He now lives alone in an apartment in the Akihabara district, his rent paid through an allowance provided to him by his parents. He has no desire to find employment or return to school, and generally does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He has a tough time saying no to people, however, so he often gets roped into helping others, whether he likes it or not… assuming he can wake up on time, anyway.

Introducing Akiba's Beat Protagonist Asahi Tachibana!

Akiba’s Beat releases for PS4 and Vita on May 16th in North America and May 19th in Europe.

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