Akiba’s Beat Saki Character Trailer: “The Daydreamer”

PQube have released an Akiba’s Beat Saki Hoshino character trailer to follow-up the earlier announcement of Asahi, the main protagonist. Saki is one of the “chosen one” who bumps into Asahi at the Electric Town station, introducing him to the world of “delusions”.



She’s the first person Asahi teams up with… Though it might be more accurate to say it’s the other way around! She can be shy and kind of prickly, with a bit of a sweet tooth! Still, catch her at a good moment and she’s warm with a heart of gold that will do anything for her friends! Because she’s a chosen one of the Hoshino family, Pinkun follows her around!


The quest to shut down Akihabara’s delusions is very much her own, and it’s everyone else, including Asahi, who gets roped into helping her. She’s the anchor of the team, and is responsible for pretty much everyone! She fights using two weapons, is more about speed, and has some handy healing capabilities to boot!


Akiba's Beat Saki Character Trailer: "The Daydreamer" 1


A native of Sendai in northeastern Japan, Saki recently moved to Akihabara to attend classes at a fashion design institute. Though generally cheerful and energetic, she’s made it her life’s mission to destroy people’s manifested delusions together with her familiar, Pinkun, since long before meeting Asahi at the start of this story. As a result of spending so much of her time on such seemingly supernatural work, she considers herself a “chosen one,” and tends to get rather obstinae with those who question her motivations. She regards anyone else she meets who can perceive delusions as either a fellow chosen one… or as one of those responsible for the spread of delusion, who needs to be stopped.

Akiba’s Beat releases for PS4 and Vita on May 16th in North America and May 19th in Europe.

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