Akiba’s Trip Re-Release Announced to Celebrate Anime

 Akiba’s Trip Re-Release Announced to Celebrate Anime

Acquire have announced an Akiba’s Trip re-release, Akiba’s Trip 2+A. The re-release will be of the PS4 version, and includes a couple of neat extra features to celebrate the upcoming anime adaptation.




As far as the bonuses go, the most exciting is a download ticket for the first episode of Akiba’s Trip: The Animation. I’m still not sure how well an anime adaptation will work, given part of the appeal is the unique gameplay style, but the art for Akiba’s Trip is really cute, so I’ll happily check out a series of it!


There’s also new content in the form of costumes for three of the characters that appear in the anime, and you’ll see posters advertising the anime shown on buildings throughout the game, which is a nice touch.


Akiba's Trip re-release costumes

Finally, there’s a special external bonus that shows off the characteristic Strip Action. I’m not really sure what that means for what it is, but it definitely sounds interesting!


Akiba’s Trip 2+A releases on January 5th in Japan for PS4. Akiba’s Trip: The Animation will also begin airing in January 2017.

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