Aksys announce Exist Archive release for EU

 Aksys announce Exist Archive release for EU

Aksys Games has announced that there will be an Exist Archive release in Europe, after its previous announcement that it would come to NA, as a digital-only title at some point. There’s no solid release date yet but the NA version releases both physically and digitally on 18th October, so it’s safe to assume we’ll get it in October too.
Exist Archive follows 12 people who are killed in an explosion and awake in a realm that they’re not familiar with. An evil God named Yamatoga caused your untimely deaths and imbues you with Godly power, and it’s not long until you find yourself in the middle of a longtime conflict between Gods. Of course, you’re not particularly excited to do his dirty work considering he killed you.
Exist Archive Release 2


Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky releases on PS4 and Vita on 18th October in North America, and a currently yet to be confirmed date in Europe as a digital-only title.

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