Aksys announce Tokyo Xanadu, otome games and more

During their Anime Expo 2016 panel, Aksys Games has announced that they’ll be bringing over multiple titles including Tokyo Xanadu and several otome titles.
Other than Tokyo Xanadu, a JRPG which looks fantastic from what I’ve seen of it, will have both a physical and digital release on Vita. Aksys has also announced a multitude of otome games including Bad Apple Wars, Period Cube, Collar x Malice and Code: Realize Future Blessings. Other games include action-adventure titles Shinen the Wanderer and Ninja Usagimaru (digital only for 3DS), and the Hotel Dusk creator’s new game Chase Cold Case Investigations – Distant Memories for 3DS (digital only). along with announcements that Virtue’s Last Reward, Xblaze Lost: Memories and Aegis of Earth to Steam.
Most of these games will be available on Vita, Steam and 3DS, although platforms have yet to be announced for all the titles. Aksys have been doing a great job with localising titles, especially otome games, and I’m happy to see more come over. I’m particularly excited for Tokyo Xanadu, but I won’t say no to more visual novels and the rest that they deliver!

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