Alice Nine Releases New EP: Ginga no Oto

If you’re into the J-Rock scene, the chances are you’ve heard of Alice Nine somewhere along the way. Love them or loathe them, they’ve been running the frontline of Visual Kei for 11 successful years.


Fans will be delighted to know Alice Nine is still going strong, having recently released yet another EP, 銀河ノヲト (Ginga no Oto), which reviews suggest reflects the heart and soul of this energetic band. The only problem is that this EP is venue-limited, which means you’ll have to attend one of the Alice Nine concerts in Asia, or stalk eBay for the next couple of months.


ginga-no-oto Ginga no Oto


On the plus side they have released their new PV “Spiegel” on Youtube. The track hits fast with an electric beat, includes incredible guitar solos and the typical Visual Kei flare that makes you want to spike up your hair with an entire pot of gel.



Do check it out and let us know what you think. Are you a fan of Alice Nine?


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