The Alliance Alive, FuRyu’s new classic JRPG for 3DS

FuRyu’s upcoming RPG for 3DS is to be released in less than 3 months in Japan and shows itself a bit more through a demo available at the end of the month in Japan.





The Alliance Alive is the spiritual successor of The Legend of Legacy, with similar aesthetics and 9 main characters (opposed to 8 in The Legend of Legacy). The player will switch between the protagonists as the story unfolds.





The developers previously shared some elements of the game :

– The game will have a turn-based battle system featuring up to 5 characters, in which the player will first first choose a formation and select the commands before the turn begins. Battle speed can be fast-forwarded 2x or 4x.
– Stronger enemies will earn you more experience.
– There will be many different vehicles (airship, dragon, etc.), each with their own characteristics, enabling the characters to travel to new areas.
– There will be a total of 7 types of weapons available for each character: sword, great sword, axe, spear, staff, bow, shield, and martial arts.





Further details on the battle system were shown in the following trailer (be sure to turn the subtitles on) :



A longer trailer of the game was also revealed, showing various elements of the game :



The game releases on the 22nd of June in Japan for 3DS. The demo will be available on the Japanese Nintendo eShop on the 30th of June.


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