Alola Grimer Revealed Along with Type Information

Grimer is the latest Pokemon from Generation 1 to get an Alolan form, a form exclusive to Gen 1 Pokemon for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon, and it’s confirmed to be a Poison/Dark type. Grimer has never be a particularly pretty Pokemon, but its Alola form certainly isn’t doing it any favours!
Leaked from CoroCoro and translated by Serebii, it’s also rumoured that we’ll soon see Jangmo-o’s evolution, which will apparently be a Dragon/Fighting type, and that Type:Null’s evolutions will change depending on the item its holding. With Grimer revealed, it’s safe to assume Muk will have an Alola form too.
alola grimer

What do you think of Alola Grimer, and what Pokemon do you want to see get the Alola treatment next? Pokemon Sun and Moon is due to release worldwide on the 18th November other than Europe where it releases on the 23rd, exclusively on 3DS.

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