Alone Together Out Now on iOS and Android

Alone Together, the second game in the hit Fake Social Network series from Japan, is now available for free on iOS and Android devices! You can check out the trailer from PQube below!




Download free: iOS | Android.



Bocchi World is a social network for lonely people, where users form new friendships through chatting and sharing puzzles. It’s up to you to bring the users together and solve the mysteries of Bocchi World.


Like its predecessor, Tokyo 13, Alone Together is a free-to-play mobile puzzle game. With an authentic-looking social media interface and notifications on your phone when characters message you, Alone Together blurs the line between game and reality!



Each character has a unique story with a range of thought-provoking puzzles for you to solve. There’s no penalty for getting things wrong, and you can ask for hints at any time, as well as share puzzles across your social media accounts.


Alone Together is out now for free on iOS and Android.

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