7 Series with Amazing Game Soundtracks That Deserve a Rhythm Game Spin-Off

It’s always nice to see a game’s soundtrack get recognition, which is a role rhythm game spin-offs such as Final Fantasy Theatrhythm and the Persona Dancing games fill quite nicely. But what about all the other amazing game soundtracks that deserve more time in the limelight? Here are 7 series with amazing game soundtracks that deserve their own rhythm game spin-off.


Kingdom Hearts

Yoko Shimomura is an extremely talented composer, with powerful original compositions and striking arrangements of Disney classics to her name from her work on Kingdom Hearts alone. Until a new Theatrhythm includes some pieces from Final Fantasy XV, which she also composed for, I’m going to keep hoping for some of her music to make an appearance in a rhythm game somewhere else. Of course, having a whole game dedicated to the incredible soundtracks of the Kingdom Hearts series would be the ideal solution!




Fire Emblem

If the Tap Battle mode from Fire Emblem Heroes were released as its own game – which it by every right should be – I would buy it in a heartbeat. Like Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem has a long, rich gaming history filled with excellent music prime for a rhythm game spin-off to utilise. Looking to Tap Battle as a basis, the different play modes and difficulties already add a good amount of variety. A full Fire Emblem rhythm game could be a great way to get to know the characters (and music, of course) of other titles in the series without having to rely on how good they are in battle. Because some characters may be very charming, but are just kind of useless when it comes to actually fighting. Basically, Tap Battle’s already most of the way there – it just needs a bit more variety in music choices and a little more incentive and its set!




The Legend of Zelda

I am shocked and appalled that a Legend of Zelda rhythm game doesn’t exist yet. With music playing a key role in several entries in the series and iconic soundtracks beloved by gamers everywhere, there’s little that could go wrong with a Legend of Zelda rhythm game spin-off. The Nintendo Switch has become quite the console for rhythm games too, so it would fit right in. Also, I bet it would be adorable.




Silent Hill

While our hopes of anything completely new coming from Silent Hill may seem thoroughly dashed at this point, I wonder if there would be more hope for a game that primarily uses things the series already has to offer. The Silent Hill games are hands-down the most gorgeous-sounding horror games I know, and really good music is the key ingredient for a really good rhythm game, right?



Guilty Gear

BlazBlue gave us the endearing Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san and Guilty Gear itself has had music featured in games like DJMax Respect, so it seems only natural that Guilty Gear should get a spin-off too. From the punchy guitar and vocals of tracks like Heavy Day to the elegant harpsichord and organ combo that is Writhe in Pain, Guilty Gear has a vast array of exciting music it would be nice to appreciate in a game all its own. Getting to hear said music without the overlay of me getting my butt kicked is a bonus too, though at least the games usually provide a music player for that.




Tales of Series

While my personal favourite pieces by recurring Tales composer Motoi Sakuraba are actually ones he did for the Baten Kaitos games, there’s no denying the mastery shown throughout the soundtracks of the Tales games. Cheerful and relaxing pieces perfectly balance out the more emotive ones like Lloyd’s Theme and Zelos ~serious arrange~ both from Tales of Symphonia. If there’s one thing in particular Motoi Sakuraba excels at though, it’s incredibly catchy battle music. The Edge of a Decision from Tales of the Abyss is an excellent example. Give it a listen:



Dynasty Warriors

When I think of Dynasty Warriors, the first 3 things that come to mind are Zhao Yun, the Yellow Turban Rebellion, and the kickass wailing guitars of Dynasty Warriors 5‘s He Fei Castle level. Energetic, fast-paced music always feels like it would make for good rhythm game levels and Dynasty Warriors as a series certainly has that in spades. A Dynasty Warriors rhythm game would certainly be a challenge to keep up with, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing by any means!


So those are my choices, what are some amazing game soundtracks you’d like to see get the rhythm game treatment? Let me know in the comments below!

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