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Something new, and something old. A lot of us have been digging deep into Dragon Ball FighterZ this week, as it releases very, very soon. Our full review has gone up here, but Mitch has weighed in with his own quick thoughts below. On top of that, the otome train keeps on chugging, and Oscar couldn’t help but rinse Amnesia: Memories.


Amnesia Memories — Oscar


After failing to move past the first encounter with any sort of vague monster in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, I decided to hop back aboard the otome train and play the better AmensiaAmnesia: Memories. It’s a game where you lose your memories, and try to re-contextualise your relationship with the boyfriend you suddenly realise you have alongside a mysterious and helpful extra-dimensional being who is living inside your mind.


All of the lovely boys available wear lots of belts and things, and like to dress up in themed card suit fashion. At the beginning, you get to pick which “world” to go back to, representing a sort of parallel timeline thing. Each one pairs you with that boy, and as well as getting to grips with your relationship, there’s usually some sort of larger mystery you need to figure out. Each version of the world has many of the same constants, but with little tweaks here and there.


Me, to Toma.


I like the route variation an awful lot, and it definitely encouraged me to try them all out — as each offered something unique and gave me something new to mull over, giving me a little something to take away from the story each time. Considering I don’t always feel compelled to do every route in games like this, I blitzed through all endings in Amnesia in no time, which is a great sign.


I thoroughly enjoyed exploring all the different situations. Though I will leave with 2 points: 1) I absolutely despise the diamond world and (despite what the game claims) there are no good endings (it’s actually scarier than Amnesia: The Dark Descent), and 2) Ikki > Shin > Kent > Ukyo > Anyone Else >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Toma.


Dragon Ball FighterZ — Mitch


I’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Ball FighterZ this past week. Roughly 40 hours of it, in fact! Well, I assume some of that time is spent idling but I’ve certainly played a lot of it. Who’s my main team? I still don’t know. I’m leaning towards Goku/Adult Gohan and I’m switching between Android 18, Android 21, Cell and SSGSS Vegeta, though!


It’s a beautiful game with exhilarating gameplay and an amazing attention to detail, and the Dragon Ball fan in me is constantly wowed by the game’s presentation. I look forward to the servers coming online so I have more to do than the single player content, but the story is good fun and I love Android 21. It’s definitely worth a buy, so maybe I’ll see some of you online someday!



What have you been playing?

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