Animal Crossing New Horizons Amazon Orders Delayed

 Animal Crossing New Horizons Amazon Orders Delayed

Following on from the news that some Final Fantasy VII Remake copies won’t arrive on time, it appears that Animal Crossing New Horizons Amazon orders are facing the same dilemma. A number of users on Twitter have shared emails from Amazon announcing delays, even though the game is due out today, March 20.


animal crossing new horizons amazon


Of course this is all down to the spread of the Coronavirus affecting all sorts of supply chains. Whilst this is fully understandable, it is sad that some people won’t get to experience Animal Crossing New Horizons on launch, especially as many of us are currently in self-isolation. (Wow, it feels weird to type that.) If you ordered digitally, of course you should be fine and already playing!





Amazon did announce that they would be reducing availability on non-essential items in order to increase delivery rates of the important things during the pandemic, so it’s not too surprising that some games are facing delays. Whilst they may be important to us, they’re inconsequential compared to current events.


Stay safe everyone!


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