Animatsu and Manga UK announce several anime titles for UK home release

At MCM today, Animatsu and Manga UK made my day with some amazing shows being announced for UK home release which includes my all-time favourite anime – maybe some readers can guess what that is?
So, there are some fantastic titles in today’s panel including DVD and blu-ray releases for all of the following titles: A Certain Magical Index, A Certain Scientific Railgun, the three Madoka Magica movies, Knights of Sidonia, Black Bullet, Triage X, Dragonball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, Parasyte -the maxim- and, y personal favourite all-time anime, Golden Time! The emotions I felt when that got announced can’t really be put into words but I was very, very happy!
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So, Animatsu had held up multiple signs which signified a certain anime as a game, and that anime turned out to be the Index and Railgun series’, but me, looking at this table above and hoping in my heart of hearts that Animatsu would bring Golden Time to us, thought that the periodic table was called a timetable (woops) and I focused on Au which is gold. My reasoning is solid you guys, I thought this was Golden Time and I’m glad I didn’t put my hand up to answer this as I’d have looked like a real idiot! They let me keep the periodic table because it’ll always represent the day that someone brought my beloved Golden Time to me!
Most of these are planned for an August and September release, although some may be closer to Christmas and some might show up in 2016. I’m interested and a fan of many of these shows and I’m sure many others will be excited too.

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