Anime Limited Delay Multiple Releases Over Quality Concerns

Over the past few weeks UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited have revealed that a selection of their upcoming titles will have their release dates pushed back due to concerns regarding the products quality and presentation.


Specifically A Letter to Momo, Durarara!!! X2 Shou and Psychic School Wars have all had their released dates moved back due to some form of issue discovered along the quality control process.


anime limited a letter to momo screenshot


Firstly; A Letter to Momo, which is a feature-length-film by Production I.G, has been pushed back to the 2nd May 2016 due to sample received being of lower quality than initially expected; as Jeremy Graves explained in a recent blog post:


We know it’s been set for release next week but unfortunately A Letter To Momo has been pushed back. This is because we weren’t happy with the quality of the a finished sample we received of the product. Because of this, we made the decision to push back our release while this issue gets rectified.

We really don’t like having last minute changes such as this, especially in this instance given it has been a long wait for our release, and we know you don’t like last minute changes either, so we’re very sorry for this. We have a level of quality you expect from us and that’s why this decision was taken. The new release date is 2nd May.


Psychic School Wars on the other hand, which is being released as a Collectors Edition Blu-ray and DVD, has had its release date moved to the 30th May 2016 following the discovery of an unspecified glitch on the disc.


anime limited psychic school wars screenshot


Finally the Collectors Edition Blu-ray release of Duarara!! X2 Shou, which was due to be released in the coming weeks, has had its release date moved back to the 30th May 2016 due to concerns over the quality of its packaging as the incorrect resolutions for the box had been used when in production; as Jeremy Graves once again explains:


Due to a production error the quality of the design on the rigid case has come out less than adequate compared the rest of the product, and our other releases in general. The art is impacted due to the use of lower resolution images that were NOT the final files signed off by Anime Limited. Though this has not impacted the remainder of the release, to be perfectly clear.

The UK Anime Community is no stranger to delays, as it seems that at least one title is delayed each month; and it’s always been known that Anime Limited like to go the extra mile for Quality checking their products – especially after the issues they had with Kill La Kill – Box 1, which suffered a 0.4 millisecond audio glitch that resulted in the product being recalled, and Durarara!! Limited Edition box set which saw subtitles missing for the Japanese translations.


In any event its nice to see Anime Limited delay these products so that a perfect release can be published into the UK; it just means we have to wait that little bit extra to get it.


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