Anime Limited license Assassination Classroom, K and Rolling Girls for UK distribution

Anime Limited have licensed a few wildly popular series’ including Assassination Classroom, Rolling Girls and K: Return of Kings along with the K: Missing Kings movie.
Return of Kings is set to be simulcasted in the UK and Ireland, and all are expected to release on Blu-Ray and DVD sometime in 2016 although that isn’t set in stone. As popular as all series’ are, it’s undeniable that Assassination Classroom is the big takeaway here with it’s worldwide popularity with an acclaimed anime based on an even bigger manga series.
Anime Limited will surely be making some more announcements at MCM London next month and we’ll be covering those too alongside the other anime publishers. With so many great shows yet to be licensed in the UK, we can’t wait to see what information we’ll be excitedly leaving the event with!

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