Anime Zoom Backgrounds To Power Up Your Calls

Do you find yourself in plenty of Zoom or Skype calls at the moment, with nothing but a bland wall behind you? Lucky for you, we’ve collated some of our favourite anime Zoom backgrounds so you can let your weeb out when you work.

In case you didn’t know, you can set a custom Zoom background without a green screen, and this is leading to a flux of weird and wonderful backgrounds on display in team calls. With this in mind, we thought we’d represent the fans of anime with our own selection of anime Zoom backgrounds from some of the most popular anime. Simply save the images you like below, and you’re away!

Anime Zoom Backgrounds

Dragon Ball Z Zoom Backgrounds

Pokemon Zoom Backgrounds

One Piece Zoom Backgrounds

My Hero Academia Zoom Backgrounds

Naruto Zoom Backgrounds

Studio Ghibli Zoom Backgrounds

Hopefully we’ll reach a point soon where we won’t need to worry about work video calls all the time, but until then, you can use the above backgrounds to your heart’s content!

Looking for some anime to watch this season? We’ve got you!

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