25th Anniversary Kirby Lingerie Collection Revealed

 25th Anniversary Kirby Lingerie Collection Revealed

Who hasn’t wanted to own Kirby lingerie? I know I have. That little pink ball of air consumption is perfect in the bedroom and nothing gets me raring like a little pudgy ball in bed, and this is the closest I’m going to get to that without using my rounded Kirby dakimakura. 


The collection is celebrating Kirby’s 25th anniversary (yay!) and you can see all that’ll be included in the gallery below. Yummy Mart and Nintendo have teamed up for this and they’ll go up for pre-release in Tokyo’s Harajuku on 22nd April. They’ll be available on Yummy Mart’s online store, too.


Will be picking up anything in this collection? I personally wouldn’t mind the night mask, but there’s a lot of lovely nightwear to be found here. Happy 25th anniversary, Kirby!

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