Another Country Bans Fight of Gods

With the recent news that Malaysia has banned the deity showdown fighter, Fight of Gods, it seems that Thailand will also be banning the game. We reached out to publisher PQube to ask if any other countries were following suit, and they confirmed to us that Thailand would indeed be pulling the game.


“So far, Thailand has formally demanded to us that the game be removed from sale in their territory,” PQube’s Head of PR told us. No other countries have been named so far, but of course, if a country bans a game, then the publisher and platform holder have no choice but to comply and disable it for sale in their countries.



At time of writing the game is still available to buy in Thailand, but it could be turned off at any point, as we were told there is some processing time as the admin is taken care of when turning off a product like this, though it is a relatively simple and painless process.


Fight of Gods is out now in Steam Early Access.

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