Another Eden teasing Chrono Cross collab event

A new teaser site has opened for Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, revealing that the game will be crossing over with a Square Enix franchise. The collab will be revealed during a YouTube livestream on December 4, 2021.

While the actual crossover title hasn’t been announced just yet, there are more than a few things that point to it being Chrono Cross related. For starters, the site itself has a Chrono Cross feel, with a stopwatch resting on the seabed. Both games also share the same director, Masato Kato.

More importantly, a recent update for Another Eden in Japan happened to include some files with Chrono Cross in the name. These files also reveal that Kid, Serge, and Harle will be part of the event, most likely as recruitable characters.

With VGC reporting that a Chrono Cross remaster is in development, it’s almost guaranteed that it’ll be the collab game. The Game Awards are happening on December 9, so news on the remaster might not be far off.

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