Another Eden × Chrono Cross “Complex Dream” collab announced

As expected, the teased Another Eden x Square Enix collaboration was for a Chrono Cross themed crossover chapter.

Titled “Complex Dream“, this crossover will be available in Another Eden from December 9, 2021. Unlike most other gacha games, this is a permanent addition to the game rather than a timed event, featuring multiple free characters that can join your party.

Kid, Serge, and Harle will all be added as playable characters, along with multiple gameplay systems taken from Chrono Cross. This includes equippable elements for the aforementioned characters, and field effects that can buff the damage of certain attacks.

If you’re after some extra nostalgia, there’s even a version of the event site that mimics early 2000s web pages.

While a new crossover is welcome news for Another Eden players (characters from collabs are often quite useful, especially for F2P accounts), Complex Dream also adds more legitimacy to the rumours of an upcoming Chrono Cross remaster — though Square Enix still hasn’t hinted at its existence.

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