AOT: Wings of Freedom RICE EXCLUSIVE Treasure Box Edition + Art Cards + Pre-Order DLC

We recently had the chance to play some AOT: Wings of Freedom at MCM, and it’s looking really good (proper thoughts coming soon)! That’s why we’re super excited to be able to stock a Rice Exclusive edition of the game in our store! It’s jam-packed with Attack on Titan love!


AOT_CE_Cards_600 Wings of Freedom RICE EXCLUSIVE


We’re the only store around where you’ll be able to pick up the complete AOT: Wings of Freedom set of the Treasure Box Edition, AOT Art Cards, and the Pre-Order DLC!


Pre-Order Here


Action_Mikasa5 Wings of Freedom RICE EXCLUSIVE


AOT: Wings of Freedom is full of love and attention for the Attack on Titan series, from publishers Koei Tecmo and developers Omega Force. We always had faith that Omega Force could pull off a truly great Attack on Titan game, and it looks like they’ve succeeded. Zipping all over the place with 3DMG has never felt so good, slicing off the limbs of titans rhythmically and mercilessly.


Action_Eren_4 Wings of Freedom RICE EXCLUSIVE


AOT: Wings of Freedom will release on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the 26th August 2016. Our Rice Exclusive AOT: Wings of Freedom Treasure Box + Art Cards + Pre-Order DLC version of the game will release at the same time.


Action_Jean_3 Wings of Freedom RICE EXCLUSIVE

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